Culture Change


Facilities Management and Services emphasizes a leadership style that is reflective, solution oriented, challenges the status quo, and respects the values internal expertise. We will achieve this through accountability and connective teamwork, always mindful of the customers’ needs and objectives. We listen, we follow through, we deliver; we are Wright State.

Solution(s) & Plan(s)

The Culture Change Facilitation Team recognizes that a culture that embraces change and continuous improvement requires consistent messaging of university values and recognition of the contributions employees make toward achieving university goals. FMS will cultivate a positive culture through a variety of initiatives designed to empower, connect, and recognize its employees. Initiatives will include a “Think Tank,” bringing a diverse representation of employees together on a quarterly basis to share ideas and solutions; departmental employee orientation and on-boarding, to give support to valued employees from the moment they join the Wright State family, and a rewards program to encourage and recognize excellence.

Culture Change Team

Steven Boykin (Team Facilitator)
Javan Conley (Team Facilitator)
Fred McIntosh
Dan Monaghan
Wende Morgan-Elliott
Teresa Peck
Beth Stanze-Tate
Angie Tipton