Comprehensive Communications Infrastructure


Facilities Management and Services recognizes the importance of developing practices and systems that ensure open, clear, consistent, and effective communication across all levels of the university.  As such, we:

  • Acknowledge that an operational communication policy will significantly diminish the risk to the campus population during any type of an emergency response;
  • Recognize that Business and Finance serves a diverse customer population (students, faculty, staff, researchers, other Business and Finance departments, and external entities) and that the communication must be comprehensive and, concurrently, end-user directed;
  • Realize the necessity for the effective transfer of information to prevent loss or duplication of pertinent information;
  • Understand that the implementation of interoperable communication processes within and throughout Business and Finance must be cost-effective; and
  • Envision a division that, through productive communication, will enhance the experience of all end-users.

Solution(s) & Plan(s)

The Comprehensive Communications Infrastructure Facilitation Team will aim to maintain committee members from each Business and Finance sector to provide valued contribution and feedback during evaluation and construction of its initiatives. If, in the event such knowledge and expertise is lacking during our discussions and development, we will seek the desired resources to better serve the mission of the Communications Infrastructure and that of the University.

Development of a comprehensive communications infrastructure will be achieved through a thorough investigation of job responsibilities and necessary communications tools to perform those responsibilities, establishment of routine, proactive communication channels within and between units, and department- and unit- level notification systems.

Further, engagement with the facilitations teams addressing Project Champions, Project Design Processes and Policies, and Technology solutions will bring to light additional methods and structures required for seamless communication and knowledge transfer.

Comprehensive Communications Infrastructure Team

Gina Reese (Team Facilitator)
Angie Tipton (Team Facilitator)
Ed Bailey 
Travis Holtzapple
Mark Horsley
Joe Lauvray
Patty Skagen
Vincent Turner