Manage Your Card

Raider Cash can be deposited:
  • Deposit Stations located at:
    • Student Union Atrium next to Wright-Patt Credit Union
    • Allyn Hall by the Hangar
    • Dunbar Library basement
    • Dunbar Library 2nd floor
    • Lake Campus, Dwyer Hall
  • Wright1 Card Center, 055 Student Union (cash, credit or debit)
  • Online at WINGS by credit card or electronic check (instructions below)
  • Dunbar Library Circulation Desk, 1st floor (cash, credit or debit)

Online Deposits

Log in to WINGS using your campus username (w001abc) and password:

LSA login


Click on the "Academics" tab and then Wright1 Card Services:

LSA Academics Tab


Or click on the "Employee" tab and then Wright1 Card Services:

LSA Employee


Manage your account with the Wright1 Card Services pop up window:

LSA menudialouge

Account Statements

You can access your account balance and transaction summary by logging on to WINGS, selecting the "Academics" or "Employee" tab, and selecting the "Wright1 Card Services" link and then selecting "Account Statement". 


  • Raider Cash refunds are only given with a written request in the event you permanently separate from the university.  Requests can be made via e-mail to
  • Dining Dollar refunds may be available in the event you separate from the University before the end of the academic term. Refund requests must be submitted in writing to Hospitality Services, W006 Student Union, and are subject to Dining Services approval.

Unclaimed Funds

Any cardholder accounts that remain inactive (no recorded card swipes) for more than one year will be treated as unclaimed funds. The Wright1 Center will perform due-diligence and mail notification of unclaimed funds to the last known address for any account with a balance of fifty dollars or more. No mailings will be sent for accounts that are less than fifty dollars. In either case, once the account is confirmed as unclaimed funds, any balance remaining will be transferred to Wright State University's Unclaimed funds. The monies will remain in the unclaimed funds account for five years, and then will be transferred to Wright State University's general fund unless claimed by original account holder.