Guiding Principles for Budget Consideration

  1. We are committed to our mission and vision.
    • Our students, community, region, and state are counting on us to help them be successful. We must be objective in our evaluation of what we do and how we do it. Tomorrow's Wright State University will require us to start doing things we are not currently doing; and stop doing some things we are. Let us all commit to an honest assessment of our programming and how we work together. All of us will need to be more creative in how we address budget challenges.

  2. Students are our top priority.
    • We pride ourselves in offering a high-quality, affordable education. The quality of our educational experience must remain our major focus and student success a major deliverable.

  3. We are a great university. And we will emerge from this process as an even stronger university.
    • While this requires us to address budget changes, moreover, it is about building a stronger, sustainable Wright State University. We will be thoughtful and deliberate in responding to emerging fiscal challenges.

  4. We will have an open, transparent process throughout.
    • We will engage the entire campus in developing solutions and communicate new developments throughout the process. We need our faculty, staff, and students to be actively engaged in the campus-wide discussions about the short-term and long-term future of Wright State University.

  5. We will focus on a combination of revenue enhancements, increased private support, and internal reallocations.
    • What we do is important. And the state is looking for us to do even more. To deliver on the promise of higher education to students, families, state, and the nation, our challenge is to find new and diverse resources.

  6. We are Wright State.
    • People are our greatest asset. We look out for each other. We support each other. And we value and respect the contributions all of us make to this great institution.