Goals and Vision

Core Values and Strategic Plan

Along the way in our budgetary planning, we will remain true to the university's core values, which are

  • Commitment to people. A continued commitment to students remains our No. 1 priority, along with a commitment to faculty, staff, and all the people of our diverse campus community.
  • Allow learning and its expression for all. Share our wealth of knowledge, which enables discovery and fosters a learning-centered environment.
  • Continue to develop partnerships. Change the lives of our community and those we serve through partnerships; truly transform lives through collaborations and a spirit of cross-cultural cooperation.
  • Strengthen relationships. Understand that individual successes strengthen the overall community.
  • Sustainability for the long term. Continue development and entrepreneurial advancement. Realize that we must sustain our efforts through short and long-term commitment and by continuing to invest in an infrastructure that supports research and creative endeavors.

Wright State University's strategic plan helps guide our decision making. It includes five goals:

  1. Provide academic distinctiveness and quality
  2. Enhance educational attainment
  3. Expand our scholarship in research and innovation
  4. Provide leadership for social, cultural, and economic development throughout the region
  5. Provide and develop human, financial, and physical sustainability in order to accomplish the university's strategic goals

I often talk about how people's lives are transformed through their associations with Wright State, whether as a student, faculty member, administrator, or general employee. We feel strongly that the Wright State model changes lives.

Our plan is to go forward to a promising future where lives will continue to be changed for the better.

David R. Hopkins