What is the timeline for the state budget?

Governor John Kasich submitted his proposed budget on March 15. It must first pass the Ohio House of Representatives followed by the Ohio Senate. After both legislative bodies have approved the budget, it will then be forwarded to the Conference Committee for final authorization before moving on to the governor. We should know the state budget numbers by late spring.

When will we know the budget challenges for Wright State?

While Governor Kasich submitted his proposed budget March 15, it will still be awhile before we have a better idea of the possible budget challenges that Wright State will face. Of course, we won't have all of the answers on March 15. It will take some time to sift through the budget, assess the impact, and fully understand the challenges we face.

How will Wright State ensure that all employee groups are treated equitably and fairly during these challenging times?

We must never lose sight of our five core values—people, learning, partnerships, relationships, and sustainability. I hope you noticed that our number one core value is people. I have always said that people are our greatest asset. Without people, Wright State would not be the innovative university it is today. Without people, we cannot move forward and grow as a university. All employees—faculty and staff—are important to the future of this institution. We can't accomplish anything without your dedication and commitment.

We have already reduced $18 million from our budget over the last three years. We have tried to handle these budget reductions fairly and equitably, with Wright State's students, faculty, and staff always our number one priority. This is how we will continue to operate moving forward.

How will Wright State be open and transparent?

This website, along with my weekly letters, are some of the tools we will use to keep our campuses fully informed as we learn more about the budget challenges we face. We have already held more than 45 hours of open forums for faculty and staff at the Dayton and Lake Campuses. We will continue to hold these town hall meetings as we move forward.

Above all else, the university's goals and priorities will drive every decision we make. We will always keep our core values and guiding principles in mind, doing what is ultimately in the best interest of this university and its long-term sustainability.

How will Wright State diversify its revenue stream in the future?

Regardless of how the state budget pans out, we need to adjust to the reality that we will continue to receive less funding from the state going forward. In today's economy, we must continue to focus on diversifying and developing a sustainable revenue stream. Maintaining enrollment growth is certainly part of this plan. We will continue to invest in our future and build a pool of investment money for key strategic initiatives. Ultimately, we must continue to find more creative ways to control our own destiny.

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