Assessment Outcomes

Academic Assessment Coordinators Committee 2012-2013


Office of the Provost, Joe Law  

Academic Coordinators

Support Coordinators

College of Education & Human Services,Tammy Kahrig Academic Affairs, Joe Law
College of Engineering & Computer Science, Raghavan Srinivasan Computing & Telecommunication Services, Mary Clem
Lake Campus, Mark Cubberley Enrollment Management,  Mary Ellen Ashley
College of Liberal Arts, Herb Dregalla General Education, Joe Law
College of Nursing & Health, Tracy Brewer Library, University Bette Sydelko
School of Professional Psychology, LaPearl Logan Winfrey Student Affairs,  Debbie Kimpton
College of Science & Mathematics, Kathrin Engisch University College, Tim Littell
Raj Soin College of Business, Arijit Sengupta  

Resource Members

  Terri Klaus, Center for Teaching & Learning
Kary Brigger, Institutional Research

Program Coordinators

Academic Program Coordinators

Academic Program Coordinators, Cont'd

College of Education & Human Services,Tammy Kahrig College of Science & Mathematics, Kathrin Engisch
      Educational Leadership, Jill Lindsey       Anatomy (M.S.), Larry Ream
      Health, Physical Education & Recreation, Drew Pringle       Applied Mathematics (M.S.), David Miller
      Human Services, Stephen Fortson       Applied Statistics (M.S.), Harry Khamis 
      Teacher Education, James Tomlin       Biochemistry & Molecular Biology (M.S.), Madhavi Kadakia
        Biological Sciences (B.S., M.S.), David Goldstein
College of Engineering & Computer Science, Raghavan Srinivasan       Biomedical Sciences (Ph.D.), Gerald Alter
      Biomedical Engineering (B.S., M.S.), Thomas Hangartner       Chemistry (B.S., M.S.), Ken Turnbull
      Computer Engineering (B.S., M.S.), Mateen Rizki       Clinical Lab Science (B.S.), Cheryl Conley
      Computer Science (B.S., M.S.), Mateen Rizki       Earth and Environmental Sciences-Earth Sciences Options (B.A., B.S.), Songlin Cheng
      Computer Science & Engineering (Ph.D.), Nikolaos Bourbakis       Earth and Environmental Sciences (M.S.), David Dominic
      Electrical Engineering (B.S., M.S.), Fred Garber       Earth and Environmental Sciences-Earth Science Education (B.A.), David Dominic
      Engineering (Ph.D.), Ramana Grandhi         Earth and Environmental Sciences-Earth Science (M.S.T.), William Slattery
      Engineering Physics (B.S.), Fred Garber       Environmental Health Sciences (B.S.), David Schmidt
      Human Factors Engineering (M.S.), Thomas Hangartner       Environmental Sciences (Ph.D.), Don Cipollini
      Industrial and Systems Engineering (B.S.), Thomas Hangartner       Integrated Science Education (B.S.), James Tomlin   
      Mechanical & Materials Engineering (B.S., M.S.), Jim Menart       Mathematics & Statistics (B.S), Phan Loi
        Mathematics (M.S.), Joanne Dombrowski
Lake Campus, Mark Cubberley       Microbiology & Immunology (M.S.), Barbara Hull  
      Computer Aided Drafting/Design Technology, Brent Campbell        Physics (B.S), Jerry Clark, (M.S.), Gary Farlow, (M.S.T.), Beth Basista
      Financial Management, Ron Kremer       Physiology & Neuroscience (M.S.), Larry Ream
      Office Information Systems, Roger Fulk            Psychology (B.A. & B.S.), Martin Gooden
      Technical Study, Greg Schumm       Psychology (M.S.,Ph.D.) Human Factors and Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Scott Watamaniuk
College of Liberal Arts, Herb Dregalla Raj Soin College of Business, Arijit Sengupta
      African & African American Studies (B.A.),Opolot Okia       Accountancy (B.S.,M.S.), James Greenspan
      Anthropology (B.A.), Robert Riordan       Business Economics (B.S.), Tom Traynor
      Applied Behavioral Science (M.A.), Karen Lahm       Economics (B.S.), Tom Traynor
      Art and Art History (B.A., B.F.A.), Glen Cebulash       Finance (B.S.), Marlena Akhbari
      Communication (B.A.), Elliot Gaines        Human Resource Management (B.S.), Bud Baker
      Criminal Justice (B.A.), Tracey Steele       Management Information Systems (B.S., M.S.), Dwight Smith-Daniels
      English (B.A.), Andrew Strombeck & Erin Flanagan, English (M.A.), Carol Loranger       International Business (B.S.), Bud Baker
      Geography (B.A.), Jerry Killian       Logistics and Supply Chain Management (M.S.), Dwight Smith-Daniels
      History (B.A.), Barbara Green, (M.A.), Carol Herringer       Management (B.S.), Bud Baker
      Humanities (M.A.), Ava Chamberlin  
      International & Comparative Politics (M.A.), Laura Luehrmann       Marketing (B.S.), James Munch
      International Studies (B.A.), December Green        Master of Business Administration (MBA),
      Liberal Studies (B.A.), Valerie Stoker       Operations Management (B.S.), Dwight Smith-Daniels
      Modern Languages (B.A.), Stefan Pugh       Social and Applied Economics (M.S.), Tom Traynor
      Music (B.A. & B.M.), Randall Paul  
       Music (M.M.), Hank Dahlman

Support Program Coordinators

      Political Science (B.A.), Donna Schlagheck Academic Affairs, Joe Law
      Public Administration, Masters of (M.P.A), Jerry Killian       Air Force ROTC, Col. Ronald Joseph
      Religion, Philosophy, & Classics (B.A.), Ava Chamberlin       Army ROTC, LTC. Rodney Williams
      Social Science Education (B.A.), Noeleen McIlvenna       Asian/Hispanic/Native American Center, Mai Nguyen
      Social Work (B.A.), Carl Brun       Bolinga Black Cultural Resources Center, Dana Patterson
      Sociology, Tracey Steele         Center for Teaching and Learning, Sarah Twill
      Theatre: Acting & Musical Theatre (B.F.A.), Bruce Cromer and Joe Deer       Honors Program, University, Susan Carrafiello

      Theatre:  Dance (B.F.A.), Gina Walther

      Ohio CORE and PK-12 Outreach Program, Pamela Wallace-Stroble
      Theatre:  Motion Pictures (B.F.A.), J. Russell Johnson       Pre-College Programs, Chris Hoffman
      Theatre:  Theatre Design/Technology/Stage Management, Pam Knauert Lavarnway       Women's Center, Amber Vlasnik

      Urban Affairs (B.A.), Jerry Killian

      Writing Across the Curriculum, Joe Law

      Women Studies (B.A.), Hope Jennings

  Computing & Telecommunication Services, Mary Clem

College of Nursing & Health, Tracy Brewer

      Nursing (BSN, M.S.), Tracy Brewer Enrollment Management Jacqueline McMillan
        Admissions, Undergraduate, Cathy Davis
School of Professional Psychology, LaPearl Logan Winfrey       Financial Aid, Jennifer Penick
        Registrar, Marian Hogue
  General Education, Joe Law
  Library, University, Bette Sydelko
  Student Affairs, Debbie Kimpton
        Career Services, Cheryl Krueger
        Community Standards and Student Conduct, Gary Dickstein
        Disability Services, Jeff Vernooy
        Intercollegiate Athletics, Rod Perry and Judy Chivers
        Residence Services, Dan Bertsos
        Student Activities, Rick Danals
        Student Health Services, Leatha Ross
        Student Services, Simone Polk
        Student Support Services, Katie Deedrick
        Student Union and Event Services and Campus Recreation, Eric Corbitt
        University Police Department, Wendy Chetcuti
  University College, Tim Littell
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