Cadet Battalion Commander


c/CSM Zachary Raynor 

Directly responsible to the Professor of Military Science for the command, control, health, welfare, morale, discipline, safety, and retention of all enrolled MSI, II, III, IV, and Completion Cadets.

  • Provides command guidance and supervises all training, planning, and execution of battalion operations; sets the standard and direction of the Battalion.
  • Serves as an ambassador by representing the Raider Battalion on and off campus and briefs visiting dignitaries on the status of the battalion.
  • Promotes esprit-de-corps and is responsible for implementation of the Cadet Mentorship and Sponsorship Program.
  • Actively participates in the weekly training meeting by providing feedback and lessons learned from completed training.
  • Directs and supervises the long-range planning of major events with Cadre guidance.
  • Builds an effective chain of command and develops a positive command climate with a consistent presence at all Battalion functions.
  • Communicates intent and empowers subordinates to act appropriately to accomplish missions while supervising and evaluating the execution of plans.

Cadet Command Sergeant Major


c/MAJ Aaron Jenkins 

The Cadet Command Sergeant Major is responsible for providing the Cadet Battalion Commander with personal, professional and technical advice on C

adet (enlisted) matters and Cadet Non-Commissioned Officer Corps.

  • Executes established policies and standards concerning Cadet performance, training, appearance, safety and conduct.
  • Establishes and maintains communication with subordinate Cadet NCOs and other Cadet enlisted personnel through Cadet NCO channels.
  • Provides counsel and guidance to Cadet NCOs and administers and chairs unit selection boards for Cadet of the Quarter.
  • Monitors and recommends actions as necessary on the morale and discipline of the Raider Battalion.
  • Adheres to guidance and direction provided by the Senior Military Instructor.

Cadet Executive Officer


c/LTC William Turk 

The Cadet Executive Officer serves as the Cadet Battalion Commander’s principal staff officer responsible for directing and supervising staff coordination and ensuring effective and prompt staff actions.

  • Responsible for establishing, managing and enforcing staff planning timeline and synchronization which conforms to the ission and in accordance with the Cadet Battalion Commander’s guidance.
  • Monitors the staff’s discipline, morale, and staff planning. Supervises all tasks assigned to the staff and serves as the acting Cadet Battalion Commander in his/her absence.
  • Manages the Cadet Battalion Commander’s Information Requirements (CCIRs).

Cadet S1 (Personnel)


c/CPT Jared Puckett

Responsible for monitoring and advising the Cadet Battalion Commander on all personnel issues and actions to include accountability, promotions, awards, pay services, medical services, and legal issues.

  • Conducts staff coordination with the Human Resources Administrator and applicable Cadre members.
  • Assists the HRA with Personnel Asset Inventories (PAIs).
  • As directed, prepares annexes and appendices to plans and orders in support of mission accomplishment and training events.
  • Advises the Cadet Battalion Commander and staff on regulations and policies which govern Cadet personnel actions.

Cadet S3 (Operations)


c/CPT Kyle Niedermeier 

Serve as the principal staff officer for all matters pertaining to training, plans, and operations.

  • Responsible for preparing and supervising the execution of the training within the battalion.
  • Prepares training guidance for the Commander’s approval. Identifies training requirements and ensures training is oriented on setting conditions for improving individual training proficiency levels across MS classes.
  • Works with the Detachment S-3 in preparing, coordinating, authenticating, publishing, and distributing the Command Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and Operations Orders (OPORDs) throughout the chain of command. Reviews OPORDs for synchronization and completion, ensures risk management is integrated into all training events.
  • Reports training results to include deficiencies and after action reviews (AARs) at weekly training meetings.
  • Responsible to facilitate weekly training meetings and Lead Lab coordination with Cadre as necessary.

Assistant S3 (Operations)

Josh-Frees.jpgc/CPT Josh Frees

Cadet S4 (Supply)


c/CPT Ashley Robinson

The Cadet S4 is Responsible for all logistical operations in the areas of supply, services, transportation, and resource management in support of the Raider Battalion operations and training events.

  • Conducts staff coordination with the Supply Technician. Forecast supply requirements and recommends support, supply priorities, and controlled supply rates.
  • Coordinates the requisitioning, acquisitioning, and storage of all classes of supply and equipment, and the maintenance of materialrecords in accordance with applicable regulations, policies, and standard operating procedures (SOPs).
  • Forecast service requirements to include transportation, field-feeding services, and field sanitation.
  • Maintains visibility of assigned equipment within the battalion and advises the commander on all logistical services.
  • As directed, prepares annexes and appendices to plans and orders in support of mission accomplishment and training events.

Cadet S6 (Communication)

Morgan-Gosling.jpgc/CPT Morgan Gosling

The Cadet S6 is responsible for all issues pertaining command, control, communication and computer operations.

  • Conducts staff coordination with the Cadet Executive Officer and Assistant Professor of Military Science as necessary.
  • Responsible for updating all social media platforms (website, Facebook, Twitter) with current and relevant pictures and videos of Raider Battalion events.
  • Responsible for proper use of all communication equipment (radios, cameras) in training and battalion events.
  • Prepares, maintains, and updates all information management estimates, plans, and orders.Coordinates with Cadre for accounts and use of Blackboard.

Lead Evaluator


c/MAJ Keith Topper







ServiceLearning Liaison


c/CPT Michael Howard

The Cadet Service Learning 

Liaison is responsible for the execution of the Raider Battalion’s Service Learning Program.

  • Recommends and coordinates service learning opportunities which compliment the Battalion Yearly Training outcomes.
  • Publishes service learning opportunities and monitors participation.
  • Coordinates with University clubs, organizations and departments to enhance collaboration.

Cadet Recruiting Operations

c/CPT Cedric Ntwali


The Cadet Assistant ROOs are responsible for coordinating the battalion's overall campus recruiting program.

  • Coordinates directly with the Battalion Recruiting Operations Officer (ROO) and Army Na
  • tional Guard Liaison (LNO) on executing the Cadet Battalion Recruiting and Retention Strategy to include marketing.
  • Responsible for coordination with ROO to maintain marketing material current and relevant throughout campus.
  • Maintains and prepares Cadet recruiting participation reports for Professor of Military Science.