Student Profiles

Matt, Senior

For me, the decision came down to Wright State being the best of both worlds—that is—it has the prospects of a “big university” intertwined with the close community feel of a “small university”.

Addison, Junior

My career goal is to be Addison Huizenga RN BSN. I want to work in a Level 1 Trauma Center. Wright State is preparing me for this through constantly pushing me a little further each day. I always feel like I have constant support from friends and faculty members telling me I can do it. That is a really good feeling.

Donovan, Senior

There are students from all walks of life that attend Wright State, but I believe that everyone here is treated equally. So many bonds have been formed because people get to learn about how others grew up and live their lives.

Stephanie, Junior

My parents are more than happy that I attend Wright State University. They feel included which is a feeling they don't usually receive from institutions that I have attended, all thanks to the bilingual faculty members and friends. Also, the great opportunities that Wright State has offered me, make my parents happy and positive that I made the right choice.

Joe, Junior

At first, price. I am paying for college on my own so Wright State was a financially responsible decision. I can definitely say without a doubt at this point I am extremely happy with my decision of Wright State because this college has motivated me and presented opportunities to me I would have never thought possible as a senior in high school.

Filip, Senior

If you're looking for a great, affordable university with all sorts of diverse people and excellent staff, then you belong at Wright State.The size of the university is perfect, large enough so you don’t see the same people everywhere all the time but small enough that most class sizes aren’t overwhelming and allow you to build relationships with your professors.

Andrew, Sophomore

I decided to attend Wright State for two reasons, money and distance to my home. I knew I wanted to be close to home so I could save money for my dreams of going to dental school.

Peter, Senior

My biggest piece of advice on selecting which college to attend is to find that "second home". You can have the best education in the world, but it's just as important to attend a college that makes you comfortable, is inclusive, and offers a variety of activities and groups that can make your time on campus enjoyable.

Alina, Junior

I chose Wright State because it was close to home and affordable, both things that my parents like as well. Not to mention everyone that has attended Wright State has only the nicest things to say about it!