Placement Tests

Here’s to your success! You want your first semester at Wright State to be amazing. So do we. To help get you ready for your first semester, you need to know about starting your math, English, and language courses at Wright State. Here’s the deal: Placement testing at Wright State aims to position you at the highest level college course for your skills.

Starting Math Courses at Wright State

First semester enrollment in mathematics is determined by ACT or SAT scores. Explore what your first math course at Wright State will be. Students who wish to attempt to improve their placement or do not have a valid ACT/SAT score can take the ALEKS Placement Assessment to determine their placement level. Students without any test scores will be placed in DEV 0970 Basic Algebra.

Learn more about math placement testing (including location, fees, preparation, and a link to register).

Starting English Courses at Wright State

Students are placed into writing courses through ACT English or SAT Writing or Critical Reading scores and performance on Wright State's writing placement test. Explore what your first English course at Wright State will be.

Note: students with ACT English scores of 18–22 (SAT Writing 430-529, SAT Critical Reading 450-529) cannot be enrolled in an English course without a WSU Writing Placement score. You must take the writing placement test to enroll in a writing course.

Learn more about writing placement testing (including a link to register).

Starting Modern Language Courses at Wright State

Students demonstrate proficiency in a modern language by taking a sequence of four progressive courses: 1010, 1020, 2010 and 2020—in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, or Spanish or by taking advantage of the placement test. A placement test score in Chinese, French, German, Russian, or Spanish, will help you know where to begin your coursework. 

Learn more about the Modern Language placement test (including a link to register).

If you have any questions or concerns about your placement, please call (937) 775-2641 or drop by the department of Modern Languages, 325 Millett Hall, and speak to the Administrative Specialist.

Special Modern Languages note:

  • Students who claim their native language as English but would like to take a proficiency exam in a language Wright State offers other than French, German, or Spanish, which includes Arabic, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Russian, may do so by arrangement with the department. Students can take one of these exams to exempt themselves from the CoLA foreign language requirement, but again, cannot buy back any credit unless they take an upper-level course and receive a "C" or better in that course.
  • Students who claim as their native language a language NOT offered at Wright State (such as Hindi, for example) can find a qualified professor at another local college or university who speaks that language to test them and officially verify to the chair of the Department of Modern Languages that they are proficient. In this case, the student can be declared exempt from the College of Liberal Arts language requirement, but cannot buy back any credits.
  • Students who claim a language other than English as their native language may complete their CoLA foreign language requirement by taking one of several ESL or ENG classes. These students should contact the English Department at (937) 775-3136.