Group Tours

Thank you for your interest in scheduling a group tour at Wright State University! 

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Special Group Tours are designed for groups whose needs may not be met by our regular schedule of daily tours and admissions events. We encourage college access programs, early college awareness groups, organizations, middle school classes of eighth graders, and high school classes to schedule a group tour. If you have a group of younger students that you would like to bring for a visit, please call (937) 775-5700 or 1-800-247-1770 to discuss options that may be available. Please review the following information before registering your group.


When scheduling a tour, please consider the following:

  • Tours are scheduled Monday through Thursday on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Campus tours are conducted Monday–Thursday at noon.
  • Saturday tours are available when our office is given a minimum of 30 days notice and schedules permit

While our office will try our best to accommodate your requests, some dates (i.e. finals week, holidays, etc.) may be unavailable.

Special Note: due to a high volume of requests, our October 2017 group tour dates are full.

Reservation Policies

When making a reservation, we ask:

  • Tours to be scheduled three weeks before the desired tour date (we will schedule tours up to five months in advance of the desired date)
  • Your group size to be limited to 150 participants (including chaperones)

Note: Your tour is not confirmed until you receive a written confirmation with details of your tour.


In the event your group consists of 20 or more students, you must provide one chaperone per 20 students. Wright State expects the following of your chaperones:

  • Chaperones are required to be 21 years of age or older
  • Chaperones should have emergency contact information for all group participants
  • Chaperones are expected to control the behavior of their group (this includes monitoring the students' use of cell phones and mp3 players, as their use is prohibited during a tour)
  • Chaperones must remain with the group throughout the tour


All visitors and groups are expected to act in an appropriate manner that sustains the campus learning environment. Wright State University Office of Admissions and our campus tour guides reserve the right to stop or end any campus tour. In addition, we expect:

  • Groups to be on time for their visit (We may be able to adjust to unexpected circumstances. However, we cannot guarantee the full scheduled itinerary if the group does not arrive on time.)
  • Visitors are expected to show a level of respect to students, tour guides, and campus buildings

Wright State's staff will work directly with a group's leader if a group's behavior does not meet expectations. If a group’s behavior is deemed unacceptable, future requests for special tours will be reviewed.

Cancellations or Postponed Tours

Groups may cancel their tour up to 72 hours before their scheduled tour. A group choosing to cancel after the designated time period will have their future requests reviewed. If you need to cancel your tour, please call (937) 775-5700 or 1-800-247-1770

Lunch Options

Lunch options for on-campus and off-campus dining are available. Learn more about lunch options.