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Why Choose the Wright Path Program?

The Wright Path Program is designed for students entering Sinclair with the intention of obtaining a bachelor's degree at Wright State upon completion of their program of study at Sinclair. The program of study may range from completion of general education requirements to completing the courses required by Sinclair for an associate degree, and then Wright State's requirements for a bachelor's degree. 

Various 2 + 2 and articulation agreements between Wright State and Sinclair offer students specific programs of study and seamless transitions. For the best experience, consistently verify your course choices with advisors from both Sinclair and Wright State, especially regarding any substitution, course sequencing, etc.

Consult with your academic advisor about how any of the following programs would work for you. 


  • Academic Partnerships/Articulations: Ask your academic advisor about articulation agreements for your program of interest. Adhering to them will maximize your progress through Sinclair and Wright State.
  • Joint Advising: When you are enrolled in the Wright Path program, you can meet regularly with academic advisors from both Sinclair and Wright State. This way, you can check on your goals with both schools, manage all aspects of your degree progress, and complete your program faster. Wright State advisors regularly schedule advising hours in Sinclair’s Academic Advising Center.
  • Options: If you have a career choice in mind, you can complete an appropriate associate degree at Sinclair, and then optimize your employability with a bachelor degree from Wright State. You can also follow the program of study outlined in any of nearly fifty articulation agreements, complete the appropriate courses at Sinclair, transfer to Wright State, and then earn your bachelor degree. Or, if you need time to explore your interests, you can study at Sinclair, complete the Undecided Articulation Agreement, transfer your credits, and then follow the program of study for your chosen degree at Wright State.
  • Students enrolled at Sinclair Community College are eligible for the entire range of SCC student benefits and can have access to Wright State benefits such as:
    • Sample campus life: Wright Path Program students are invited to jointly sponsored events and activities on both campuses, and more to come!
    • Live on campus: Students enrolled in the Wright Path program can opt for the living-away-from-home college campus experience by living in Wright State’s residence halls while attending Sinclair. Students must meet certain eligibility requirements, should apply to Wright State in January for Fall Housing, and need to indicate their intention to live in on-campus housing when they fill out their FAFSA for the upcoming school year. Students who have completed one year of college qualify for campus apartments as well as residence halls. Sinclair’s school code for the FAFSA is 003119.
    • Be guaranteed admission to Wright State University, with waiver of application fee, upon completion of the program requirements.
    • Scholarships: Sinclair transfer students may be eligible for special scholarships when they transfer to Wright State. Based on academic achievement level, students may automatically receive even more funding because of success in the Wright Path program. Admitted students will be sent online scholarship application information each year. Wright State’s Transfer Student Resource Center website provides links to other specific college scholarship opportunities as well.
Marquise Crosby, a senior biochemistry and molecular biology major, works as a lab assistant at Wright-Patterson in the Soft Matter Branch of the Air Force Research Laboratory’s Materials and Manufacturing Directorate.
Two-time Wright State graduate Tiffani Angus writes fantasy and science fiction stories, while teaching at Anglia Ruskin University.

Enroll in the Wright Path Program

For admission to Wright State through the Wright Path Program, a student should indicate their interest in being part of the program when they apply to Sinclair. Students may apply for housing at Wright State while enrolled at Sinclair, and should indicate their intention when filling out the FAFSA. If desired, apply online for Wright State on-campus housing at:  A January FAFSA application for a fall admission is optimal.

Include Sinclair's institution code (003119) on the FAFSA. 

Visit the Cost Estimator to calculate estimated expenses for enrollment in the Wright Path Program.

Students should apply to Sinclair Community College following Sinclair’s standard admission requirements and procedures. Visit Sinclair's New Student Enrollment Center, Building 10, Room 10-444, or call (937) 512-3334. Email:

Transferring to Wright State

Locate a Wright State Transfer Advisor in Wright State’s Transfer Student Resource Center on the second floor of the Student Union, and/or on their posted visits to Sinclair’s Academic Advising Center. The advisor will take you step-by-step through admissions requirements, unofficial transfer credit evaluation; degree program options, transfer credit equivalencies, information about tuition, fees, financial aid, and more.

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