University Staff Council

Tuesday, December 9, 2003

Room 267 University Hall



Present: Alan Boggs, Jeff, Bowman, Donna Curtin, Linda Dunbar, Joyce Howes, Patti Manning, Bill Rickert, Micki Stamps, Daisy Stieger, Donna Totten, Carol Vuckovich, Susan Wehmeyer


Staff emeritus: The concept of staff emeritus status was presented to the faculty senate. Although they had no objection to extending library and computing benefits to staff who retired with a minimum length of service, they did object strongly to applying the title “emeritus” to staff. Alternative titles were discussed.


Christmas holiday: It was agreed that added leave on Christmas Eve was a satisfactory solution for most staff and was much appreciated. In the future, the academic calendar committee will probably consider December in its annual deliberation and planning.


Human Resources Liaisons: It was agreed that the concept of liaisons to mediate disputes or moderate other employment issues should be discarded. No objection was raised to continuing the position for the purpose of providing feedback to Human Resources on transactional issues such as hiring processes if desired by HR. It was suggested that the group be renamed if it is retained to make the change more clear.


Updates on old business: It was suggested that the group be updated on the status of old business. For example, following a USC discussion the inclement weather policy was revised in July 2003.


Formalizing the composition, structure, meeting times of the committee: CSAC and USAC will each appoint 5 representatives to the University Staff Council. Selection methods and length of terms will be at the discretion of each council. The council will operate on the academic calendar. The chairs of CSAC and USAC and the Provost will select a mutually agreeable convener for the University Staff Council each year. The University Staff Council will meet 6 times per year on the second Wednesday of each month. Meeting times for the remainder of this academic year were set to include January 14, 2004 , March 10, 2004 , May 12, 2004 and June 9, 2004 . The fall meeting agenda will regularly include Physical Plant issues. The May meeting will regularly include budget issues. The June meeting will regularly including incoming and outgoing council members and will include a recap of the year and orientation for new members.


Agenda items for upcoming meetings:

First Weekend on Labor Day complications.

Short-term disability or leave donation procedures

Christmas to New Year's campus shutdown

Supervisor training plans