Staff Council Human Resources Committee (SCHRC)

Meeting Minutes

4.13.10 – 2:30 p.m.

267 University Hall


In Attendance:

Albert Bondurant, Al Boggs, Chris Wydman, Anthony Linz, Rob Boley, Fran Keeley, Mary Healea, Joanie Hendricks, Jamie Henne,  Meltem Kokaly, Jacqui Neal, Curt Pederson, Sharon Shaw, Becky Traxler, and Vickie Slone.


Agenda Item






OPERS forums –review, feedback (Al Boggs)

Al has received positive feedback about the meetings from OPERS staff and WSU employees. OPERS was impressed with WSU and has posted the video presentation on the OPERS website. Any changes to OPERS are now in the hands of the legislature. Al also talked about the Inter-University Council, which was created by the legislature. With the governor’s new initiative for group bargaining, IUC HR officers will be working more closely together.


Automated leave reporting- testing team update (Al Boggs)

The core system testing looks promising, so testing will be going into phase two.

HR is now looking for fiscal officers to select employees to test the system. This phase two should be completed summer 2010.

HR Survey responses protocol (Tony Linz)

Tony provided a print-out summarizing responses to three of the survey questions. So far, there have been 570 visits to the site, with 55 individuals completing the survey. For those who left contact information, HR has followed up directly.

Tony will close and relaunch the survey in the near future, eventually doing this on a quarterly schedule. The survey will be promoted in a message to staff, including a summary of responses to-date.

 Final version of job abolishment letter (Al Boggs)

There is a final iteration, hopefully not needed anytime soon.

Al will send the two committee chairs and Albert the final iteration. Joanie and Chris will send it to the rest of the committee.

HSA website problems update (Tony Linz)

The problems with the HSA website were due to the website administrator (Canopy) declaring bankruptcy in Nov. 2009. So, a replacement company had to be selected very quickly, which resulted in many problems. We should be through the worst of the problems, and more improvements should be coming soon.





 Hiring practices – background check (Meltem Kokaly)

Meltem reported that at WSU, background checks are not mandatory except for certain positions, such as police, drivers, anyone handling cash or working with minors, athletics, HR staff etc. The majority of unclassified staff and faculty do not have background checks. Background checks are completed via an outside company. In 2001, there was an attempt to make background checks mandatory for all employees, but senior administrators decided against it.


Impact of Health Care & Education Reconciliation Act of 2010 (Al Boggs)

Al explained that there is a wealth of uncertainty and conflicting information about the new Act. Some changes coming up on January 1, 2011 include: employers now have a maximum 90-day waiting period for new employees to receive healthcare benefits; lifetime maximums on plans are removed; there may be annual limits on certain benefits (unclear at this point); dependents are covered up to age 26 (may conflict with law passed on state level, which may now be appealed or amended); HSA or flex account dollars- no longer will be able to purchase OTC’s.


Separation Checklist (All)

Internal Audit sent their own checklist to Al, which apparently overlaps a great deal with the checklist created by CECS.

HR will compare the two lists and finalize a checklist soon.

Renovation of Med Sci bathrooms (Chris/Joanie)

According to Vicki Davidson, the bathroom renovation is a priority in the next fiscal year’s budget.