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Socrates Cafe Topics

Should casino gambling be legal in Ohio?
Is there life after death?
Have the economic sanctions against Cuba been a failure?
Can democracy survive without a vibrant newspaper industry?
Is Obama’s Afghanistan policy correct?
What should be done about illegal immigration to the United States?
What is true love?
How can education be improved?
Will merit pay for teachers increase the quality of education?
Does zero tolerance work well in primary and secondary education?

Should all elections for Federal office be funded by the US Treasury?
Can a politician be honest?
Should Ohio permit the use of medical marijuana?
Why does American lead the world in per capita prison population?
Should our drug laws be relaxed?
Should the death penalty be abolished?
What are the solutions to the Israeli-Palestinian problem?
Did America really have a “war on terror”?
When is the use of deadly force justified?
Should there be limits to civil/polite behavior toward others? What are those limits?

What is true happiness?
At what point is it okay to socially incorrect?
At what point does the desire to want more become a bad thing?
What are the values that make a society prosperous?
Why does instrumental music evoke emotions?
Are the arts essential to our existence?
Is music is essential to our existence?
Is the right to bear arms essential to American democracy?
What is reality?
Who deserves happiness?

What are the values that make a society great?
Does law dictate best practice?
Is honesty always the best policy?
What is success?
Our universe will eventually die. Will that be the end of human life?
How did the universe come into being?
Is adopting African babies is a good thing?
Can we ever get into the present moment?
What are the most noble values?
Why is there a need to believe in a higher power?

Is belief in a higher power essential to human happiness?
Is it good to have high expectations?
When is it okay to discriminate?
What is the best way to cultivate happiness?
Why do we marry?
Is there such a thing as an original thought?
Why do bad things happen to good people?
Why does evil exist?
Where does evil come from?
Is there a Satan?

Does America have a true democracy?
Would it be better to live under a benevolent dictatorship?
The Aesthetic Life - what is it?
Are aesthetic considerations important to the quality of life?
Can we be human without an awareness and appreciation of the aesthetical?
Conspiracy is a very common form of political behavior.
The pros and cons of using a credit card.
A chain gang is a modern form of slavery.
Are our prisons chiefly places of punishment?
Should a teenagers who commits a felonies be tried as an adult?

NAFTA has hurt American workers.
City curfews help to prevent juvenile crime and to protect youth from victimization.
The U.N. is mainly based on diplomacy and enhancing relationships.
Affirmative action draws people to work they never considered before.
Sustainable urban living without the use of excessive natural resources must be our future.
Are there extraterrestrials who influence events on Earth?
Should there be a national “do not call” list for junk mail?
The pros and cons of a female President.
Online dating chats have nothing to do with a search for a soul mate.
Should schools distribute condoms?

Most people support embryonic stem cell research.
Life imprisonment is a good alternative to capital punishment.
Should Capital punishment be a public event?
What is wrong with child labor?
Are breast implants for cosmetic purposes a good thing?
Bribery in Business
Computer Viruses
Hidden Persuaders

Has the Moral Majority been good for American democracy?
The Hippocratic Oath
Political Correctness
What necessary changes are needed in your community organization and how do you want to lead the process?
Is there a Healthcare problem in America and if so, how should it be solved?
Doctors walk out on the job to protest the rising malpractice insurance costs. What to do about it?
Can we shape workers who have the sense that they serve the company and community?
What are the real causes of violence and bullying in schools?
What is the best way to stop students from becoming school drop outs?

Is the federal government justified to eavsdrop on private telephone and
internet conversation which our national security is at stake?
What are the best technologies to safeguard the right of free speech privacy on the internet?
Why should we have a minimum wage or why not?
Should insider trading be considered a high crime?
Should euthanasia or physician-assisted suicide be legal?
Is the ACLU good for America?
Should felons be allowed to vote?
What are the solutions to illegal immigration in America?
What are the solutions to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

Should the US have attacked Iraq?
Should the words "under God" be in the US Pledge of Allegiance?
Can alternative energy effectively replace fossil fuels?
How practical is nuclear power now and for the future?
Do electronic voting machines improve the voting process?
Is sexual orientation determined at birth?
Should prostitution be legal?
Should performance enhancing drugs (such as steroids) be accepted in

Updated November 19, 2007

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