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Report of the Outgoing Presidents
2004-2005 Annual Report

Compiled by Nick Davis and Robert Wagley, Co-Presidents

The Wright State University Retirees’ Association (WSURA) continues to be active at both the local and state level.  As a member of the Ohio Council of Higher Education Retirees (OCHER) WSURA is able to alert our members of any changes that will affect their retirement benefits.  Nick Davis and Lou Falkner do a wonderful job representing us and reporting on OCHER’s meetings.

Our Oral History Project is making great progress under the leadership of Lew Shupe.  We continue to interview early WSU employees and are looking for anyone who either wishes to be interviewed or wants to be an interviewer. 

Thanks to Marlene Bireley and others we were able to update our membership “Directory” this year.

We are always looking for additional money for our scholarship fund.  As you know, interest rates have begun to rise but are still well below what we expected them to be when the fund was established.  We need to increase the size of our endowment in order to be assured that we will be able to continue to offer a scholarship in the future should interest rates take another dip.

We are happy with the turnout for our “Dining Out,” and “Dinner/Theatre,” outings.  The “Brown Bag” lunches have been well attended by both retirees and current employees, allowing for some interesting “reunions.”  Look at the Fall Quarter Extension, 2005 for some exciting new activities.  

You may have noticed in the heading that the president the 2004-2005 year is actually a co-presidency.  This is because Al Smith who was elected president had to resign for some very personal reasons.  Please keep him in your thoughts.

Thanks to all who made this year a wonderful experience for all who participated in any of the years activities.


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