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       In the autumn of 1993, Wright State University had a retiree population of more than 400. Recognizing that this large group wanted contact with the university and with each other, the Wright State University Retirees Association (WSURA) was formed to encourage a continuing relationship between retirees, the University and the community.

       If you are a retiree and would like to join the Association, please complete a WSURA membership application form (print it from the Forms site) and send it to the office. Retiree dues are only $10 per year. There are also lifetime memberships available at the following prices: $100 for those age 59 or under; $75 for those age 60-69; and $50 for those 70 and older. 

If you are still working but wish to participate in WSURA activities and receive WSURA publications and information, please complete a WSURA affiliate member application form (print it from the Forms site) and send it to the office. Affiliate member dues are $5 per year.

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Phone: (937) 775-2777
E-mail: wsura@wright.edu


Office hours for this quarter are recorded on the telephone voicemail, or you can view them here. If you have questions that cannot be addressed by the office staff, please contact one of the board members listed on the board webpage.

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