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The Office of Institutional Research (IR) assists Wright State University in achieving its mission through the collection, analysis, and distribution of information. IR works with data from internal areas and sources, including information related to students, programs, and facilities, and external areas and sources, such as national surveys, to provide an assessment of Wright State that is as comprehensive and complete as possible.

The primary role of IR is to present an accurate representation of Wright State that informs and facilitates institutional strategic planning, decision making, problem solving, and ongoing operations. We also play a role in helping internal and external constituents understand how we transform our students and the communities we serve.While IR works to satisfy data and information requests, IR’s mission is to provide data analysis and information to the university to enable data-informed decision making by the president’s office, the budget office, colleges and departments, and university relations, to name but a few. IR must also satisfy significant data demands of external groups, such as the Ohio Board Regents, federal agencies, national surveys, and the media.

The Office of Institutional Research looks forward to helping you make data-informed decisions as they relate to Wright State University!


Enrollment has increased for Spring 2015. Click here to see more details about Spring enrollment.

Highlights in regards to enrollment:
  • International student enrollment has increased by 10%

  • Graduate/Professional student enrollment has increased by 3%
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