Mission Statement

To serve a key role in the conceptual development of projects for the Dayton, Lake and remote facilities of Wright State University.


  • FPD oversees:

  • -Project Program Development
    -Project Design
    -Capital Planning
    -Space Management
    -Master Plan Development
    -Asset Management and Reuse


FPD collaborates with University Committees, Departments, Leaders and Donors to:

-Maintain Flexible Facilites


Wright State University Strategic Plan

Goal 1: Academic Distinctiveness and Quality
Goal 2: Educational Attainment
Goal 3: Research and Innovation
Goal 4: Community Transformation
Goal 5: Valued Resources

Enroillment Services
Featured Project:
Enrollment Services

Neuroscience Engineering Collaboration Building Neuroscience Engineering Collaboration Building Construction Camera

Classroom Building Classroom Building Construction Camera

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