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Student Union Contact: eric.corbitt@wright.edu | T (937) 775-5522 | F (937) 775-5527 | Monday-Friday 8:30am - 5pm
Event Services

The Event Services office is responsible for the reservation for all meeting/conference/activity space in and adjacent to the Student Union. The primary objective of Event Services is to serve the members of the Wright State University community including students, faculty, staff and alumni. Informal student use of the Student Union for social and recreational activities, and events by student organizations as well as events planned by faculty, staff and alumni for normal university business are considered to be priority. Event Services will try to accommodate university group's needs for meeting and conference space in the Student Union. In the event that there is no space available in the Student Union, we will provide university groups with contact information for other reservable space on the Wright State campus.

Different Event Types:

Holiday Events
Award Banquets
Summer Camps
Charity Events
Donation Drives
And more...

Services Provided:

Audio Visual Production Services
Event Corrdination/Setup
Room/Space Reservations
Billboard/Space Reservations
Dining and Catering Setup

Rooms/Spaces for Rent:

East Wing:
Apollo Room A, B, C (Multipurpose Room)
Endeavour Room A, B, C (156)
Atlantis Room A, B (157)
Discovery Room A, B (163)
Pathfinder Lounge
Explorer Room (103)
Mariner Room (105)
Pioneer Room (107)


West Wing:
Emerald Room (010)
Gold Room (021)
Rathskeller (008)
Elizabeth Dixon Hearth Lounge
Cambiar Room (153)
Club Dining

Alumni Tower Circle
The Patio
Hamilton Plaza
S.U. Terrace


To place a Reservation Request please contact:
(937) 775-5512 or fill out and submit the SUAO Space Request Form (PDF) electronically (Please follow the instructions that appear when submitting the form directly via email.) You may also fill out the SUAO Space Request Form (PDF), save it to your computer, and submit it at a future date by attaching it to an email sent to event_services@wright.edu.

If you need information regarding Student Union Meeting Room Capacity/Capability, Student Union Reservations Policies or any other questions regarding the use of the Wright State University Student Union please contact:

Event Services Reservations
186 Student Union


*The Campus Recreation Office is responsible for the reservation of all recreation space in the Student Union and the outdoor playing fields near the Student Union. Organizations interested in using recreation space should contact the Campus Recreation Office at (937)775-5505.


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