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Excess and Surplus Property Management (ESPM) was established to provide a means of legally disposing of university property no longer needed by campus departments.  Funds derived from the sale of surplus property are returned to the owning department.  Departments are encouraged to check with ESPM before purchasing new supplies, furniture, or other items.  Often times, property no longer needed by one department can be reutilized by another department, thus saving valuable budget dollars.

To submit items for disposal, please use an ESPM Disposal Requisition /1500 Form.  Forms may be ordered through Printing Services, stock #53165.  Send the form to Rick Gatton at 031B Allyn Hall.  Items submitted to ESPM are held for a period of 30 days, except for bid items which are held for a period of 45 days. 

ESPM is part of Materials Management Department under the Director of Business Services, Art Neff.

You can find the complete list of policies and procedures governing ESPM at Wright Way Policy 5403:  Excess and Surplus Property Management


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