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Welding, Cutting

Check out what the United States Department of Labor, Occupational Safety & Health Administration, has to advise on welding and cutting

Hot work permits are required for protection from fires. Activities requiring a permit are commonly associated with welding and cutting.

However, if you, or the contractor you hire, will perform welding, brazing, soldering, concrete cutting, or any other activity that has the potential for creating sparks, high heat, or potential for fire, you must complete a hot-work permit prior to work.

Permits detail the requirements for the work being performed; length of fire watch, number of fire extinguishers, welding blankets, heat shields, etc.

If work is being performed in university authorized welding areas (such as physical plant) no permit is required.

Internal Combustion Engines are not allowed in buildings. If all other power sources are not feasible, and a combustion engine can be used safely, a short-term, hot work permit may be issued on an emergency basis


Hot Work Permit Information, or by contacting ext.4444.

For information, contact EHS staff at (937) 775-2215

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