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Grinder Safety

eye protection.gifsafety glasses.gifSafety glasses and faceshield must be worn when in operation

hearing protection.gifHearing protection must be

worn when in operation

safety shoes.gif         Safety shoes/boots

         must be worn

NO symbol.gifRings, jewelry or gloves

must not be worn. Long & loose hair must be contained. Roll up long sleeves


Pre-Operational Checks

  • Ensure grinder is firmly secured to the bench or floor.  Inspect grinder for damage. Check moving parts and alignment. Replace or repair any damaged parts. 

      NOTE: Remove power to grinder before performing any maintenance.

  • Inspect grinding wheel for cracks, splits or other damage.  If damaged, replace immediately.  When replacing the wheel, perform a ring test/tap test to ensure the wheel has no voids in it. If it produces a clear ringing sound, continue with use.  Do not use if a dull sound is produced.
  • Ensure work rest, eye shields and that the wheel, tongue and spindle guards are in place and secured.
  • If necessary, adjust the work rest so that it is no further than 1/8” away from the wheel and the tongue guard is no further than 1/4” from the wheel.
  • Take faulty equipment out of service.


Operational Safety

  • Stand to the side of the grinder prior to start up.  
  • Allow wheels to gain maximum speed before grinding begins.
  • Never use a wheel that vibrates.
  • Bring work piece with contact to wheel slowly and avoid impact or bumping motions.
  • Move work piece back and forth across the face of the wheel only. 
  • Never force work piece against wheel.
  • Do not hold small objects by hand.
  • Do not leaving running grinder unattended.
  • When finished, let the wheel come to a stop naturally.  Do not try to stop it with any object.




For more information, please contact Ron Hamilton at 937-775-3810.

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