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University Integrity Hotline

(937) 775-3997

Wright State University recognizes the importance of business integrity and has established a confidential hotline for you. This hotline allows you to share suggestions or concerns with the University 24 hours a day. When you call 937-775-3997 you do not have to give your name, but please give detailed information regarding your concern.

We would like to suggest that you first consider using normal organizational channels for your concerns. This hotline should be used as a last resort or when confidentiality is required.

When Should I Call?

If you have knowledge of any unethical, illegal or business abuse problems.

Will the Call Be Confidential?

Every legally available effort will be made to treat the information discreetly and keep the source of the information confidential.

What Information Should I Include in the Message?

  • Names of the organizations and individuals involved.
  • Time period in which the incident has occurred.
  • Identify documentation that supports your concern.
  • Any additional information that you deem relevant.

What About Personnel Problems?

Please refer any concerns about personnel matters to the Office of Human Resources at (937) 775-2120. For more information about this office, you can also visit the HR Web site.

What About Affirmative Action Issues?

Please refer any Affirmative Action concerns to Affirmative Action Programs at (937) 775-3207. For more information about this office, you can visit their office's Web site.

What About Student/Faculty Issues?

For resolution of these concerns, please follow the guidelines as stated in the student handbook which can be found at

University Audit and Consulting Services, who is responsible for reviewing messages on the hotline, will make every effort to maintain the information in a confidential manner.

What About Research Issues?

Please refer any research concerns to the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs at (937) 775-2425. For more information about this office, you can visit their offices Web site.

Is there a whistleblower policy that protects me if I make a call?

Employees are offered whistleblower protection provided under the Ohio Revised Code 124.341


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