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Calendar of Events

Spring Semester 2013

  • Tuesday, February 5, 2013
    Lunar New Year Celebration

The AHNA Center will be featuring the world renowned Chinese acrobats, Nan Zhang and Zixuan Xie, at the 2013 Lunar New Year Celebration. 
They will perform the following acts:

  • Magic Face Changing is an ancient Chinese art and is revered throughout China.   One second you see one face and the next, through a martial arts-type motion or gesture, you will witness a magical face transformation. 
  • Tango on Unicycle has received numerous awards in China.  Riding a unicycle is difficult enough, but imagine picking up a passenger, suspending her above your head, and whipping and spinning her over and around your body, all the while pedaling on top of a one-wheel unicycle.
  • Hula Hoops—starting with one and building up to 25, the hula-hoop artist will put on a most impressive show.  Using every part of her body, from heads to feet, neck to ankles, you will witness hula hoop mystery.
  • Ballet Juggling—combine ballet and juggling both performed at the same time by one acrobat and you have a “Ballet Juggling.”  The acrobat/juggler/ballerina dances and juggles up to 7 balls at once.

    To view a preview of their act, please click on the YouTube link below:


  • Asian Heritage Month 2013 Calendar of Events

  • Saturday, April 6, 2013
    Asian Culture Night
    A night of cultural explorASIAN through the performing arts!



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