Asian/Hispanic/Native American Center's

10th Anniversary


Celebrating Community and Culture:

Journeys Through the Past, Present, and Future




        The Asian/Hispanic/Native American Center officially opens its doors on October 27th.

●       Mai Nguyen, founding director of the AHNA Center, was the recipient of the Student Government’s Award for “Staff Member of the Year.”

         ●        The Center published the annual Calendar of Holidays, Festivals, and Ethnic Celebrations. 


●        The Center collected $1,000 from the Wright State Community for the Hurricane Mitch Relief Effort. Hurricane Mitch killed 9,000 people in Honduras, Belize and Nicaragua. 


●        The Center assisted Can Truong, a Vietnamese student, in receiving a $5,000 minority scholarship from Fifth Third Bank.


          ●       The Asian/Hispanic/Native American Council became a student organization recognized by Student Government. 


          ●       The Center raised $5,000 to assist victims of the earthquake in India.

          ●       The Asian/Hispanic/Native American Council received the “WSU Innovation Award for Outstanding
from the Office of Student Life.

          ●       The Center supported students’ attendance at leadership conferences.


          ●        Mai Nguyen received the “President’s Award for Excellence in Human Relations.”

          ●        President and Mrs. Kim Goldenberg established the “President’s Scholarship for Students” served by the                 
                    Asian/Hispanic/Native American Center.


          ●        The Center established the Anita and Frank Martinez Scholarship for undergraduate Hispanic students in              
                    Nursing through a donation from WSU alumna, Dr. Nelda Martinez.

●        We were pleased that Deepak Rattan, one of our students, President of the Asian Student Association, received the
Student Outstanding Achievement Award” from the Office of Student Life.


          ●        The Center contributed a chapter on Asian Americans to the “Inclusive Education: When Learning Becomes the
                    Common Ground,”
a resource book for faculty and staff.

●        Diana Rodriquez was the first recipient of the Anita and Frank Martinez Scholarship

        ●        The Asian Student Association received two first-place prizes for the Student Organization Homecoming Door
Contest and May Daze Sidewalk Chalking Contest.

         ●        The Center collaborated with the College of Liberal Arts in organizing WorldFest, a cultural festival, which raised
                   $3,800 to support study-abroad opportunities for Wright State students and scholarships for international students to
                   study at Wright State University.


          ●        The Center created a traveling photography exhibit commemorating the 30th Anniversary of the Fall of Saigon. This
                    exhibit is lent to several organizations in Dayton, Cincinnati and Columbus.

●        The Center raised $4,500 to assist the American Red Cross Tsunami Relief Effort.

         ●        The Center initiated the first conference “Imagine a Consortium of Multicultural Centers in Ohio” at Wright State

●        The Center  and the AHNA Council raised funds to create scholarships for Asian, Hispanic and Native American    

          ●        The Asian Student Scholarship Program awarded its first two scholarships to Nishan Mahesh Vyas and Krischelle

          ●        Gloria Esther Rivera was the recipient of the Anita and Frank Martinez Scholarship.

          ●        The Center received a grant of $2,500 from the Ohio Humanities Council to sponsor “Gateway to Gold Mountain:
                    The Angel
Island Immigration Experience,” a photography exhibit.

●        Ohio Governor, Ted Strickland, formally recognized the Asian/Hispanic/Native American Center’s milestone
                    achievements as the Center proudly marks its 10th Anniversary.  The theme is
“Celebrating Community and
                    Culture: Journeys through the Past, Present and Future”



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