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Negotiations: Article 19, Workload

Wright State University Chapter

American Association of University Professors

The administration put forth the article shown below at the May 3, 2013 negotiating session.

Reports about the status of this article will be found below the article itself.

See our CBA Negotiations page for a roster of the AAUP-WSU negotiating team, brief reports about each Monday's negotiation session, and an article-by-article summary table with links to detailed information about each individual article that either the administration or AAUP-WSU proposes to include in the CBA.

Article 19


19.1 Faculty workload requirements are set forth in a faculty workload policy that the University and the AAUP-WSU agree will be included in the Faculty Handbook. If the AAUP-WSU believes that the assigned workload of one or more Members is inconsistent with specific provisions of that Policy or Agreements between the AAUP-WSU and the University, it shall have the sole right to submit the matter to an external arbitrator within thirty (30) days of receiving the Provostís response to an appeal from an individual Member or from the AAUP-WSU. The definition of days refers to the time limits established in 16.2.6. Procedures for such arbitration shall be in accordance with those specified in Sections 16.6-16.9.

Status of Negotiations about the Above Article

August 10, 2013 Update

The parties reached tentative agreement on this article, and they initialed the TA'd article on July 30, 2013.

May 3, 2013

Our team stated that the above article will probably be acceptable, provided workload discussions progress satisfactorily. It was noted that the section references might need to be changed.

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