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Negotiations: Appendix C, Record of Promotion Votes and Recommendations

Wright State University Chapter

American Association of University Professors

The administration put forth the appendix shown below at the April 15, 2013 negotiating session.

Reports about the status of this appendix will be found below the appendix itself.

See our CBA Negotiations page for a roster of the AAUP-WSU negotiating team, brief reports about each Monday's negotiation session, and an article-by-article summary table with links to detailed information about each individual article that either the administration or AAUP-WSU proposes to include in the CBA.

Appendix D

Record of Promotion Votes and Recommendations

Name of Candidate: ______________________________________________________

Dept. and College: ______________________________________________________

Date Appointed as Lecturer: ______________________________________________________

Type of Action: Promotion to the rank of Senior Lecturer

Record of Actions








Department Committee


Department Chair


College Committee


Dean's recommendation


College Committee






Status of Negotiations about the Above Article

August 20, 2013 update

The parties reached tentative agreement on all the appendices, and they initialed the TA'd appendices on August 19, 2013.

April 22, 2013

The administration stated that its proposal above was taken from the faculty handbook. Our team responded that our reaction to Appendices A, B, and C would depend upon the parties' progress in workload discussions.

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