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Negotiations: Article 38, Agreement Duration

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The AAUP-WSU negotiating team submitted the proposal shown in the table below at the March 5 negotiating session. Reports about the status of this article will be found below the article itself.

See our CBA Negotiations page for a roster of the AAUP-WSU negotiating team, brief reports about each Monday's negotiation session, and an article-by-article summary table with links to detailed information about each individual article that either the administration or AAUP-WSU proposes to include in the CBA.

Article 38

Agreement Duration

38.1 This Agreement shall be effective upon execution and expire on June 30, 20172014.

38.2 The parties agree to begin negotiations for a successor agreement no later than January 20172014.

38.3 The parties agree that if it is necessary to go to fact finding for a successor agreement, the time for fact finding will be extended such that the fact finder’s report will not be submitted to the parties prior to September 4, 20172, 2014. This extension does not take effect until after appointment of the fact finder pursuant to Ohio Revised Code Section 4117.14.

Status of Negotiations about the Above Article

April 14, 2014

The parties TA'd this article in the form our team presented it, as shown above.

March 5, 2014

Our team submitted the proposal above. It is very unlikely to present any controversy.

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