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Negotiations: Article 29, Pedagogical Development Leave

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The AAUP-WSU negotiating team submitted the proposal shown in the table below at the March 5 negotiating session. Reports about the status of this article will be found below the article itself.

See our CBA Negotiations page for a roster of the AAUP-WSU negotiating team, brief reports about each Monday's negotiation session, and an article-by-article summary table with links to detailed information about each individual article that either the administration or AAUP-WSU proposes to include in the CBA.

Please note that the article discussed on this page is intended for the NTE CBA only. See also Article 29 "Professional Development Leave", an article already in the TET CBA.

Article 29

Pedagogical Development Leave (for the NTE CBA)

29.1 Pedagogical Development Leaves are granted for planned programs of education, research, study, creative activity, travel, and other professional undertakings of importance to both the individual and the University. All Pedagogical Development Leave proposals should advance the academic qualifications of Bargaining Unit Faculty Members and enhance their contribution to the University as teachers and scholars. Pedagogical Development Leaves cannot be used to work toward a terminal degree.

29.2 Eligibility. To be eligible for a Pedagogical Development Leave (PDL), a Bargaining Unit Faculty Member must have completed seven academic years of service as a full-time faculty member at Wright State University with at least two years in a ďcontinuing employmentĒ position. A Member who has been granted a Pedagogical Development Leave shall complete another seven academic years of service at Wright State University before becoming eligible for another grant of Pedagogical Development Leave.

29.2.1 ďAcademic year of service,Ē as used in Section 29.2, is defined as at least two of three consecutive quarters in a year or both Fall and Spring semesters of an academic year, beginning with the fall term of one calendar year and ending with the spring term of the following calendar year.

29.3 Period of Leave and Compensation. The period of Pedagogical Development Leave for the Bargaining Unit Faculty Member shall consist of the following:

  • one semester leave at 100% of annual base salary. The non-leave, teaching semester will be the one with the smaller load semester in the case where a Bargaining Unit Faculty Member teaches an asymmetric load.

29.3.4 For Members with fiscal appointments, one semester leave is equal to four and one half months.

29.4 Number of Pedagogical Development Leaves. Each year the University shall provide opportunity for Pedagogical Development Leave semesters as follows: in each college, up to a number equal to two more than twenty-five percent of the eligible Bargaining Unit Faculty Members in that College.

29.4.1 Normally, PDL semesters are awarded in one academic year and taken in the next. Thus, a PDL approved in Fall 2012 is taken Fall 2013 or Spring 2014.

29.4.2 When the approved PDL project involves an external appointment, collaboration, or other commitment that can only be accomplished if started before the next academic year or if continued into the following academic year, the University may (but is not obligated to) grant a leave semester that is before or after the normal academic year when it would be taken.

29.4.3 The decision whether to approve PDL semesters at alternative times pursuant to Section 29.4.2 is at the sole discretion of the University.

29.4.4 When a Member is offered a prestigious fellowship or other important opportunity that is only available at a time before the Member is eligible for a PDL, the University may (but is not obligated to) offer him or her a Special Fellowship Leave (SFL). This special leave is treated as though it were a PDL regarding salary and benefits, and the Memberís eligibility for a subsequent PDL is adjusted to preserve the cycle of eligibility set forth in Section 29.2. Thus, if six years were completed between the last PDL and the SFL, then the Member must complete eight more years of service after the SFL is taken before being eligible for another PDL.

29.5 Procedure for Application and Review.

29.5.1 Bargaining Unit Faculty Members seeking Pedagogical Development Leave during the following academic year shall submit to the Dean by October 15 a leave proposal (5 page limit not including any supporting materials) and a current curriculum vitae. The supporting materials may but need not include statements of support solicited by the applicant from the Department Chair or other appropriate sources. The proposal should specify the project planned, the expected outcomes, the semester for which the leave is requested, any extramural funding expected or being solicited, and alternative plans if any anticipated funding (internal or external) is not received.

29.5.2 For each proposal, the Dean shall solicit a statement from the Chair indicating whether and how adequate coverage can be provided during the Bargaining Unit Faculty Memberís absence.

29.5.3 The Dean shall initiate a review of all applications for Pedagogical Development Leave by a college committee composed of NTE Bargaining Unit Faculty in that college, which shall make a recommendation to the Dean, accompanied by an explanation of the proposalís merits based on the criteria in 29.6.1 (high, medium, low, or unsatisfactory).

29.5.4 After receiving recommendations from the faculty committee, the Dean will award Pedagogical Development Leaves using only the criteria in Section 29.6. However, the Dean may turn down a request for a PDL because of (1) the Chairís statement about adequate coverage pursuant to Section 29.5.2 or (2) an insufficient number of PDL semesters allocated to the Deanís college pursuant to Section 29.4. In the event that (1) occurs, the Dean will send a written statement to the Member, the Memberís Department Chair, and the AAUP-WSU. No Bargaining Unit Faculty Member will be denied a Pedagogical Development Leave based on unavailable coverage two years in a row.

29.5.5 A dean who has awarded all available PDL semesters pursuant to Section 29.4 may (but is not required to) request to the Provost that additional semesters be awarded in a specified priority order from any not used from the allotments in other colleges. If the Provost receives no more such requests than can be filled with available PDL semesters, then all such requests will be honored (and the Provost will so notify the Deans, who will in turn notify the applicants). Otherwise, the requests will be forwarded to an elected committee of NTE Bargaining Unit Faculty Members. Each fall semester, Bargaining Unit Faculty in each College will elect one representative to serve on a PDL Committee. This committee will award the available semesters on a competitive basis using only the criteria in Section 29.6, but without changing the priority order set by the deans. Thus, for example, the committee will not award a PDL semester to an applicant ranked second in a deanís priority order while denying a semester to the applicant ranked first in that same college.

29.5.6 Deans will forward to the Provost copies of all proposals received, the recommendation from the faculty committee for each, and correspondence sent to applicants awarding or denying PDL semesters.

29.6 Criteria for granting Pedagogical Development Leaves.

29.6.1 All recommendations and decisions regarding the merits of PDL proposals must be based upon the following criteria.

  1. Value (or importance, or prestige) and scope of the anticipated outcome(s) that meet specific teaching or service needs of the department or college.
  2. Documented preparation for the proposed project(s).
  3. Applicantís productivity (quality and quantity of teaching and service), as reflected in the submitted curriculum vitae, proposal, and supporting documents. This productivity does not have to be in the same area as the PDL project, and credible proposals which would enable applicants to develop expertise in a new area of pedagogy deserve full consideration.
  4. Anticipated outcomes and demonstrated results from past PDL(s).

If two or more proposals are found to be of equal merit, then preference shall be given to the Member(s) who has never taken Pedagogical Development Leave at the University. If two or more applying Members have previously taken such leave, then preference shall be given to the Member(s) with the longer(est) period of University service since he or she last received such leave. If two or more applying Members have never taken such leave at the University, then preference shall be given to the Member(s) with the longer(est) period of University service as a full-time faculty member.

29.7 College bylaws may provide further clarification of procedures for evaluation and transmittal of PDL proposals pursuant to 29.5 and 29.6.

29.8 A Memberís base salary and benefits shall not be increased or decreased due to a Pedagogical Development Leave. Wright State University will provide base salary and benefits pursuant to the CBA, minus pay and benefits received from other sources. However, funds received from other sources that are used to offset additional travel, living and professional expenses directly associated with the PDL will not reduce the Memberís salary paid by Wright State University. Eligibility for salary increases and promotion are also continued. A Bargaining Unit Faculty Member on leave shall not be required to participate in University activities and is normally not eligible to receive a stipend or overload pay. The provisions of Article 22 apply to Members on PDL, with ďOutside EmploymentĒ referring to professional activities that are not directly associated with the PDL assignment. Income earned from such employment will not reduce the Memberís salary paid by Wright State University.

29.9 By the end of the first academic semester following their return from a Pedagogical Development Leave, Bargaining Unit Faculty Members are required to submit a report of their activities to the college dean and to the university president.

29.10 Upon termination of a Pedagogical Development Leave, Bargaining Unit Faculty Members are expected to serve the University for a minimum of one academic year.

Status of Negotiations about the Above Article

June 24, 2014

The parties TA'd (came to tentative agreement upon) this article.

May 30, 2014

The administration responded with a counterproposal that would provide a certain number of "Pedagogical Development Course Releases" annually for which NTE BUFMs could apply. We suggested that an additional bullet be appended to 29.5.1, namely that an applicant should specify when (that is, in which semester(s)) the requested course release(s) would be taken. Subject to this addition, our team accepted the administration's proposal.

March 5, 2014

Our negotiating team submitted the proposal shown above at the March 5 negotiating session. This article is of course similar to Article 29 "Professional Development Leave" already in the TET CBA. We noted that this new proposal would provide for a one-semester PDL (see Section 29.3).

The administration asked for examples of sound Pedagogical Development Leave proposals; our team provided several. The administration voiced the concerns that a low standard would be set for acceptable (granted) Pedagogical Development Leave proposals and that little improvement of teaching would ensue from them. Our team countered that routinely, huge amounts of money are expended on instructional programs and instructional support services with essentially no confirmation of their efficacy; this alone would provide many opportunities for meaningful Pedagogical Development Leave proposals. We also stated that we are willing to entertain language or criteria the administration might propose to address its concerns.

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