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Welcome to the home page of Wright State University's chapter of AAUP: the American Association of University Professors. On this page, you'll find What's New; Not New, but still Noteworthy; Site Highlights; and general information about AAUP.

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What's New?

small colored dot We have posted the latest Right Flier newsletter (volume 15, number 1). This issue features one main article on "What’s New in the CBA’s? -- Part 1: Annual Evaluations of Teaching and Service".
small colored dot We have signed two new MOUs. One MOU modifies the workload agreements for NTE and TET faculty, and the other specifies that the annual evaluations of TET faculty conducted in 2015 will consider scholarship from the calendars years 2010-2014.
small colored dot Our two new CBAs for 2014-2017 -- one for the NTE and one for the TET Bargaining Unit -- have been posted online in the form in which we expect the printed copies to appear.
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Noteworthy links: Ohio Conference of the AAUP; The Academe Blog (opinions published there do not necessarily represent the policies of AAUP); Academe Blog posts by Marty Kich broadly segregated by topic, not necessarily Ohio-specific in scope: Ohio Higher Ed, Ohio Labor, Ohio Politics, and Stuff for a Slow Day; see also our links page

small colored dot Check out this video from the Campaign for the Future of Higher Education: "Online Ed: Teaching Millions or Making Millions?"
small colored dot Here is a revised promotion and tenure schedule for 2014-15 applicable to TET faculty. This revised schedule also appears in Appendix D of the 2014-2017 CBA for TET faculty.
small colored dot RCM? NTE? CBA? MOU? What the heck do all these acronyms mean? Learn how to decode these acronyms and more with this guide.




Not New, but still Noteworthy



Site Highlights

Guide to Acronyms This guide to acronyms may help you understand various communications issued by AAUP-WSU.
Current CBA for NTE faculty Here is the 2014-2017 CBA for NTE faculty. We expect the printed version to be essentially identical to this pdf file.
Old CBA for NTE faculty The first Collective Bargaining Agreement for NTE faculty can be viewed here. It has now been replaced.
Workload Agreement for NTE faculty A Memorandum of Understanding containing the workload agreement for NTE faculty can be viewed here. Department of Music faculty, please see also this MOU pertaining to workload in your department.
Current CBA for TET faculty Here is the 2014-2017 CBA for TET faculty. We expect the printed version to be essentially identical to this pdf file.
Old CBA for TET faculty Our now-replaced Collective Bargaining Agreement for TET faculty, ratified and signed in October, 2011, is available here in a form very close to how it was printed.
Workload Agreement for TET faculty

Our Workload Agreement for TET faculty was ratified in the fall of 2010 and signed November 10, 2010; you may view it here. Department of Music faculty, please see also this MOU pertaining to workload in your department.

Agreements Various agreements that supplement our Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBAs): these agreements pertain to such topics as a revised P&T schedule for 2014-15; health care coverage for older adult children (ages 26-27); the semester calendar; the Employee Severance Plan; grant support, administrative assignments, and summer teaching; workload and the conversion to semesters; non-standard computer equipment
Chapter Council Each college has two representatives on our Chapter Council, one from the non-tenure-eligible (NTE) faculty, and one from the tenure-eligible and tenured (TET) faculty.
Videos Videos of interest to members of AAUP-WSU are posted here.

Why join the AAUP-WSU? Find out here. To join, faculty in either collective bargaining unit need only print out, fill in, and return this form.

Academic Unit Bylaws Fully approved bylaws have been posted for academic departments and colleges.

Read recent issues of The Right Flier, the newsletter of the AAUP-WSU.


Our Collective Bargaining Agreements provide for a grievance procedure; see Article 16 in either the CBA for TET faculty or the CBA for NTE faculty. The approved grievance form is available as a PDF document (print out and fill in by hand) and as a Word document, with fields ready to fill in (after which you should print out, sign, and date).

How to Contact

How to contact the AAUP-WSU

Staff Contact our Administrative Assistant.

Officers and Committees of the AAUP-WSU

Constitution and Bylaws

Chapter Constitution and Bylaws of the AAUP-WSU, including amendments adopted effective November 21, 2012


Links to selected AAUP sites and chapters plus links to other sites, including the AFL-CIO and access to Ohio Revised Code 4117 -- the portion of Ohio state law governing Public Employees' Collective Bargaining



To quote from the association’s web site,

“The AAUP’s purpose is to advance academic freedom and shared governance, to define fundamental professional values and standards for higher education, and to ensure higher education's contribution to the common good.”

Wright State University’s chapter -- the AAUP-WSU-- welcomes all university faculty into its membership. The chapter also acts as the collective bargaining agent for two bargaining units: (1) tenure-track and tenured faculty (excepting those holding certain administrative appointments at the rank of chair and higher) on both the Dayton and Celina (Lake) campuses, and (2) non-tenure-eligible "NTE" faculty (excepting those with primary appointments in the Boonshoft School of Medicine or the School of Professional Psychology) on both the Dayton and Celina (Lake) campuses. All Wright State University faculty -- adjunct faculty, faculty with administrative appointments, faculty with primary appointments in the Boonshoft School of Medicine or the School of Professional Psychology -- as well as faculty in the two bargaining units described above -- are cordially invited to join the AAUP-WSU.

This page was last modified on Sunday, September 21, 2014. Corrections, comments, and suggestions are most welcome. Contact the webmaster for this page (Jim Vance) at jimvance.wsu@gmail.com, telephone 937-775-2206. To contact the chapter, please see our Staff, Officers, and Committees page.