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Welcome to the home page of Wright State University's chapter of AAUP: the American Association of University Professors. On this page, you'll find What's New; Not New, but still Noteworthy; Site Highlights; and general information about AAUP.
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What's New?

See also "Messages about Current Issues at WSU" below.
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Summary of Issues Resolved and Issues Before the Fact-Finder: This document contains the proposals the administration submitted to the fact-finder for the initial hearing (January 31-February 1, 2018). The administration subsequently revised two of these proposals, specifically for Article 17 (Retrenchment) and Appendix I (Furlough, renamed Cost Savings Days). In addition, the parties reached tentative agreement (TA) on three of these proposals -- Article 27 (Life and Disability Insurance), Article 31 (Other Benefits), and Article 7 (Faculty Rights and Responsibilities) except for the parts dealing with summer school (Section 7.8 and subsections). This additional document contains all the articles the parties have TA'd (tentatively agreed to), except for the aforementioned Article 27 (Life and Disability Insurance) and Article 31 (Other Benefits). [You may also review this Summary of Fact-Finding prepared shortly after the May 23 final Fact-Finding session. Alternatively, see this slightly shorter summary of Fact-Finding prepared for the Ohio Conference of AAUP.]

small colored dot A January 4, 2018 MOU specifies the Promotion and Tenure schedule (TET BUFMs) and the Promotion Schedule (NTE BUFMs) for the 2018-2019 academic year.
small colored dot By a unanimous vote at the November 8, 2107 chapter meeting, our RCMs amended the AAUP-WSU Chapter Constitution and Bylaws to specify a procedure for calling a strike. See the new section D within Article X.
small colored dot CBA negotiations begin on January 13, 2017. Check the yellow column, right, and our CBA Negotiations page for updates.
small colored dot To facilitate the interchange of ideas regarding recent events at the University, we have created a blog at which you can leave your comments. Please visit .
small colored dot We have signed three new MOUs: one to establish the calendar for AY 2018-2019; another to continue the use of numerical student evaluations for untenured TET faculty who began their probationary periods at Wright State before January 1, 2016; and another to resolve a conflict between CBA sections pertaining to the right to teach in summer vs. distance learning courses.
small colored dot AAUP-WSU Marty Kich referred to a spreadsheet in his August 1 message "Cracking the Nut" Part 1 about budget reductions. You may view the spreadsheet as a pdf file or as an actual MS Excel file.
small colored dot We have signed an MOU regarding Promotion and Tenure Committee Membership (university, college, and department) to facilitate as-necessary meetings during the summer.
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We have published another edition of our Right Flier newsletter. This brief issue touches upon a statement of support for the faculty and students at the University of Hyderabad (India), two forthcoming events (an Open House and a Chapter Meeting), and AAUP elections, both local and national.

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Noteworthy links: Ohio Conference of the AAUP; The Academe Blog (opinions published there do not necessarily represent the policies of AAUP); Academe Blog posts by Marty Kich broadly segregated by topic, not necessarily Ohio-specific in scope: Ohio Higher Ed, Ohio Labor, Ohio Politics, and Stuff for a Slow Day; see also our links page.


Messages about Current Issues at WSU

Read the full message here.

Read all about it in the full statement from AAUP-WSU's Chief Negotiator, Dr. Adrian Corbett, which you may view on our negotiations page and also as a pdf file.

[You may read the entire report here.]

"But it is not too late change and begin working with the faculty to help rebuild WSU and help transform it into a University that puts academics and students' education first."

[You may view the entire message here.]

[You may read the entire message here, and you may also read an explanation of the terms mediation and fact-finding here.]

"The list of the $30 million in budget cuts being made in 2017-2018 does not include any reference whatsoever to the 19 "semi-autonomous units" that have accounted for somewhere between 30% and 60% of the reserves expended to cover the University's negative cash flow over the past four years. ... "

[You may view the entire article here or at our blog.]

"... in the past two months, there has been essentially no progress [in CBA negotiations.] ... The reasons given by the administration for this halt are not credible, and we have no reason to expect progress anytime reasonably soon. Thus, we have asked our chapter attorney to initiate the fact-finding process specified by state law.

"Shortly, we will explain what fact-finding is all about and where it may lead us. But right now, we need Bargaining Unit Faculty to continue taking visible action. Your next opportunity is to attend the Board of Trustees budget meeting on Thursday, June 8 at 8:30am in the Student Union's Apollo Room. Wear an AAUP-WSU t-shirt! About additional actions, please stay tuned. ..."

[You may view the entire message to BUFMs here or at our blog here.]

[You may view the entire article here or at our blog here.]

[You may view the entire letter here.]

"... The Audit [entitled "WSRI/WSARC Analysis"] covers a myriad of topics. In this article, we will try to focus somewhat narrowly on the relationship between Wright State Applied Research Corporation (WSARC), the Wright State Research Institute (WSRI), and an affiliated entity, ATIC. ...

"So, where do we stand?

"First, it is now more obvious than ever before that Bargaining Unit Faculty are not responsible for the out-of-control spending spree that has led our university to the current financial and leadership crisis. In fact, this spending has illustrated what we have observed for many, many years: the administration and Board have continued to hold fast to misplaced priorities, rather than focusing its attention and money on our university's academic mission. So, it would be ridiculous and border on obscene to ask BUFMs and our students to "take one for the team" -- to accept FEWER BUFMS to do the work or cuts in real compensation, considering inflation and the cost of health benefits. Remember that faculty's working conditions are student learning conditions.

"Second, the only viable means to avoid our "taking one for the team" is to negotiate a fair contract. Although we have a talented negotiating team, the real battle will be won or lost away from the table. The way to win and get a contract that is fair to faculty and our students is for BUFMs to overtly and publicly stand together during the negotiations. You can expect AAUP-WSU to call upon you to undertake various actions in the weeks ahead. In the meantime, REMBEMBER THE STUFF WE HAVE ALREADY ASKED YOU TO DO. ..."

[You may view the entire article here.]

Here are some actions that you can take to support your union:

  1. Show support for preserving the academic mission by displaying posters that call for administrators to be held accountable. Colored copies are available for pick-up at the AAUP-WSU office in 113 Medical Sciences.
  2. Read the communications on the AAUP-WSU blog regarding how the reckless spending happened and was allowed to continue. Over the next few weeks we will share several new communications regarding the ongoing budget fiasco. You can also follow the discussion on Facebook or Twitter.
  3. Discuss with your colleagues how your department or college can give the Board of Trustees specific ideas about how to preserve the core academic mission.
  4. Talk with students about why the Board of Trustees needs to hold administrators accountable. Encourage students to become more informed about how their tuition dollars are spent.
  5. Attend the Board of Trustees' meetings. The next Public session is Friday, April 28th. The Budget Workshop will be Thursday, June 8th."

Thank you for your support of your union. We are one faculty.

[You may view the entire message here.]



Not New, but still Noteworthy



Site Highlights

Guide to Acronyms This guide to acronyms may help you understand various communications issued by AAUP-WSU, including this very web page and others on this site.
Current CBA for NTE faculty Here is the 2014-2017 CBA for NTE faculty. We expect the printed version to be essentially identical to this PDF file.
Workload Agreement for NTE faculty A Memorandum of Understanding containing the workload agreement for NTE faculty can be viewed here. Various amendments to the original agreement are embedded in the online copy.
Current CBA for TET faculty Here is the 2014-2017 CBA for TET faculty. We expect the printed version to be essentially identical to this PDF file.
Workload Agreement for TET faculty

Our Workload Agreement for TET faculty was ratified in the fall of 2010 and signed November 10, 2010; you may view it here. Various amendments to the original agreement are embedded in the online copy.


Various agreements that supplement our Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBAs): these agreements pertain to such topics as non-standard computer equipment, Peer Evaluations of Teaching Needed for Promotion to Senior Lecturer or to Clinical Assistant Professor, and modifications of the workload agreements as they pertain to TET BUFMs at Lake Campus and all BUFMs in the College of Nursing and Health

Videos Videos of interest to members of AAUP-WSU are posted here.

Why join the AAUP-WSU? Find out here. To join, faculty in either collective bargaining unit need only print out, fill in, and return this form.

Academic Unit Bylaws Fully approved bylaws have been posted for academic departments and colleges.

Read recent issues of The Right Flier, the newsletter of the AAUP-WSU.


Our Collective Bargaining Agreements provide for a grievance procedure; see Article 16 in either the CBA for TET faculty or the CBA for NTE faculty. The approved grievance form is available as a PDF document (print out and fill in by hand) and as a Word document, with fields ready to fill in (after which you should print out, sign, and date).

How to Contact

How to contact the AAUP-WSU

Staff Contact our Administrative Assistant.

Officers and Committees of the AAUP-WSU

Constitution and Bylaws

Chapter Constitution and Bylaws of the AAUP-WSU, including amendments adopted in a vote ending December 11, 2015.


Links to selected AAUP sites and chapters plus links to other sites, including the AFL-CIO and access to Ohio Revised Code 4117 -- the portion of Ohio state law governing Public Employees' Collective Bargaining



To quote from the association's web site,

"The mission of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) is to advance academic freedom and shared governance; to define fundamental professional values and standards for higher education; to promote the economic security of faculty, academic professionals, graduate students, post‚Äźdoctoral fellows, and all those engaged in teaching and research in higher education; to help the higher education community organize to make our goals a reality; and to ensure higher education's contribution to the common good."

Wright State University's chapter -- the AAUP-WSU-- welcomes all university faculty into its membership. The chapter acts as the collective bargaining agent for a single, unified bargaining unit officially formed from two previously separate units: (1) tenure-track and tenured faculty (excepting those holding certain administrative appointments at the rank of chair and higher) on both the Dayton and Celina (Lake) campuses, and (2) non-tenure-eligible "NTE" faculty (excepting those with primary appointments in the Boonshoft School of Medicine or the School of Professional Psychology) on both the Dayton and Celina (Lake) campuses. All Wright State University faculty -- adjunct faculty, faculty with administrative appointments, faculty with primary appointments in the Boonshoft School of Medicine or the School of Professional Psychology -- as well as faculty in the bargaining unit described above -- are cordially invited to join the AAUP-WSU, as are emeritus faculty, academic professionals, and graduate students.

Visit national AAUP or the Collective Bargaining Congress. To contact the chapter, our officers, or our staff, please see our Staff, Officers, and Committees page. Like us on Facebook! Follow us on Twitter! Join the conversation on our blog!

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