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Staff, Officers, and Committees

American Association of University Professors
Wright State University Chapter


On this page, you’ll find contact information for the AAUP-WSU staff and officers (Executive Committee Members), our representatives to the Faculty Governance Committee and to the Academic Services Committee. At the very bottom of the page, we list addresses and such for the chapter per se.


Administrative Assistant: Ms. Connie Jacobs

The AAUP-WSU office is staffed by our Administrative Assistant, whose hours vary from week to week and are posted on the office door.

Advisors to the Executive Committee

The following two emeritus faculty served our chapter as volunteers for more than fifteen years each and have been retained effective May 1, 2015, as advisors to the AAUP-WSU Executive Committee. They will fill half-time and quarter-time positions respectively and will be in the chapter office (113 Medical Sciences Building, 937-775-3608) on a regular basis.

Rudy H. Fichtenbaum, Ph.D. -- Executive Committee Advisor

James T. Vance, Jr., Ph.D. -- Executive Committee Advisor


AAUP-WSU Officers

The chapter's current officers include Dr. Marlese Durr, elected as a Member-at-Large of the Nominating Committee, plus those listed below.

President: Martin M. Kich, Ph.D. (Executive Committee member; term expires May 1, 2019)

Vice-president: Geoffrey Owens, Ph.D. (Executive Committee member; term expires May 1, 2020)

Secretary: Gretchen McNamara, D.M.A. (Executive Committee member; term expires May 1, 2019)

Treasurer: Thomas P. Rooney, Ph.D. (Executive Committee member; term expires May 1, 2020)

Communication Officer: Gina Oswald, Ph.D. (Executive Committee member; term expires May 1, 2019)

Member-at-Large from TET faculty -- position vacant


Member-at-Large: Cynthia K. Marshall, M.A. (Executive Committee member; term expires May 1, 2019)

Member-at-Large: Robert E. Rubin, M.A. (Executive Committee member; term expires May 1, 2020)

Member-at-Large from TET faculty -- position vacant


Chief Negotiator: Rudy H. Fichtenbaum, Ph.D. (Executive Committee member -- appointed)

Grievance Officer: Sirisha C. Naidu, Ph.D. (Executive Committee member -- appointed)

Contract Administration Officer: Noeleen McIlvenna, Ph.D. (Executive Committee member -- appointed)

Media Officer: Gretchen McNamara, D.M.A. (Executive Committee member -- appointed)


Faculty Governance Committee

The three AAUP-WSU members of the Faculty Governance Committee (see article 10 in the CBA for TET faculty or in the CBA for NTE faculty) are listed below and were appointed by the Executive Committee.

J. Michael Bernstein, J.D.

Martin M. Kich, Ph.D., FGC Co-Chair

Audrey McGowin, Ph.D.



academic services committee

This committee is presently inactive.



Contacting the Chapter

To contact the AAUP-WSU chapter, you may contact our administrative assistant or any of the chapter officers, all of whom are listed above. The chapter's U. S. mail address is

113 Medical Sciences Building
Wright State University
Dayton, Ohio 45435

You may telephone the chapter at 937-775-3608 (chapter work office, 113 Medical Sciences Building) or send us a fax at 937-775-3617.

Alternatively, you may send e-mail to .

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