AFROTC has many benefits for cadets enrolled in the program.

*Scholarships can be worth up to $18,000 per year. Some scholarships provide full tuition and fees (with no cap on tuition and authorized fees).

*Scholarship winners also receive $900 per year for textbooks

*Air Force ROTC textbooks and uniforms are provided

*Non-taxable stipend during the academic year while on scholarshiop or in the Professional Officer Course (POC); $300-$500 per month

*Opportunity to delay entering active duty to pursue graduate degree

*Visits to Air Force bases

*Challenging job guaranteed after graduation

Upon graduation and successful completion of Air Force ROTC, you will receive a commission as a Second Lieutenant in the Air Force. You will have a mandatory commitment of four years if a line officer, six years if you are selected to be a Combat Systems Officer or Air Battle Manager, and ten years if you are selected to be a pilot. During your time in the Air Force, you will receive all of the following benefits:

Pay Highly competitive salary and benefits package
         For a rough estimate of your salary use the OSD Calculator with the following information.
Years of Service:
CONUS Average
Family Size:
Itemized Deduction Estimate:
State Marginal Tax Rate:
Spousal or Other Income(monthly):

         For a complete description of the military pay benefits click here.

Vacation 30 days with pay each year
Medical Care Provided at no cost
Social Life Swimming pools, bowling, golfing, and tennis at reduced rates
Education Opportunity for higher education with tuition aid
Retirement Retirment pension based on grade at retirement and years of service
Advancement Promotions based on initial appointment, grade, and experience
Travel Free space available travel on military aircraft




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