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Session I:  June 9-13, 2014

Registration Deadline for Session I is Wednesday, June 4, 2014 at Noon.  Absolutely no registrations will be accepted after this time.

***=GIFTED/TALENTED COURSES:  Students must submit a school nomination to enroll.

Discovery (Grades K-6)

Grades  K-1

ASC 100 Imagination Destination

Become the next Picasso!  Experiment with art by using stamps, spray bottles, stencils, sponges, and much more. Use a variety of materials to create your own masterpieces.


ASC 101 Swimming and Salty Seas

Students will spend the morning studying salty and fresh water creatures, how they swim, what they eat, and how they adapt to their environment. Students will spend an hour each afternoon with WSU lifeguards learning basic swim instruction in small groups. Students must bring their swimsuits and towels each day. Additional $20 lab fee applies to this course.


Grades 2-3-4

ASC 102 Cool Chemistry

Come ready to explore the wonderful world of chemistry. Experiment with common household substances. Learn principles of chemistry through demonstrations, hands-on experiments, and games.


ASC 103 Weather Wonders

Discover the power of ice, wind, fire, and water as you explore earthquakes, volcanoes, tornadoes, hurricanes, and blizzards. Build a hurricane-proof house, create a tornado in a bottle, research fire safety, and more in this class.


ASC 104 Magnetic Madness

Examine the world of electromagnets as you investigate magnetic properties of various materials. Study rocks that contain magnetic properties. Investigate how magnets are used in building structures.


ASC 105 Art All Around

Join us and experience art forms. Imagine yourself in Asia, Africa, Central America, or the Middle East! Make crafts from these areas as you create rain sticks, masks, and more. Explore these and other art forms as it is made all around us.


Grades 4-5-6

ASC 106 Super Science Magic

Learn the physics and chemistry behind magic as you make things appear, disappear, and levitate. Explore how to change colors using magnets, mirrors, and more. Try your hand at juggling and card tricks.


ASC 107 Estimating Math

How many marbles would it take to fill a cup? How tall is the door you walk through every day.  Learn how to estimate volume, distance, weight, and more in this class.


ASC 108 Ahoy Matey

Join a pirate crew and set sail for an adventure! We will recreate the world of the Golden Age of Piracy, circa 1715. Pirates will spend time each day studying biographies of their fellow pirates, constructing model ships, and identifying parts of a ship. Students will also discuss recent pirating and how it has impacted travel and safety.


AGT 109 ***Geological Safari

Join us as we discover the earth’s core, probe volcanic action, and explore tectonics, tsunamis, and earthquakes. Discover how diamonds and geodes are formed, and grow your own crystal garden.


Camp Odyssey (Grades 7-9)

ASC 110 Computer Exploration

Explore the various Microsoft programs. Practice your typing skills. Learn how to research on the Internet and properly document your sources. Learn how to use graphs and graphics to enhance projects and reports you may need to work on for school.


ASC 111 Kid Biz

Develop your own business from choosing your product, to naming your business, designing a logo, understanding pricing and profit margins, and marketing your idea. Research trends in advertising and create a budget for success.


ASC 112 Rube Goldberg Innovations

Study, design, and create complex gadgets to perform simple tasks the Rube Goldberg way. Students will research past designs through Goldberg’s cartoons and then create their own innovations.


Session II:  June 16-20, 2014

Registration Deadline for Session II is Wednesday, June 11, 2014 at Noon.  Absolutely

no registrations will be accepted after this time.

***=GIFTED/TALENTED COURSES:  Students must submit a school nomination to enroll.


Discovery (Grades K-6)


Grades K-1

BSC 100 Weather Kids

When you get up each morning do you check your window to see what kind of weather we are having? In this class, students will learn about the weather and what causes rain, snow, sleet, hail, and storms. Students will do hands-on experiments and create their own weather instrument.


BSC 101 Cat Fanatic

Lions, tigers and cats oh my! Explore the fascinating world of cats as you learn about life-cycle, habitat, and characteristics of all types of cats.


Grades 2-3-4

BSC 102 Swim – Float – Swim

Students will conduct hands-on experiments to study salt versus fresh water. Using common items students will create boats to float in small bodies of water. Students will spend an hour each afternoon with WSU lifeguards learning basic swim instruction in small groups. Students must bring their swimsuits and towels everyday. Additional $20 lab fee applies to this course.


BSC 103 Da Vinci Science

Explore gizmos, gadgets, and ingenious inventions! Discover Leonardo and his amazing contraptions. Learn to write in “mirror writing.” Experiment with simple machines and build some of your own inventions.


BSC 104 102 Quick Keys

Want to be able to type without looking at the keys?  Discover proper finger placement and movement as you practice your typing skills. Participate in a variety of typing activities that will help you with your keyboarding techniques.


BSC 105 Marvelous Math

Perform various functions of mathematics as you explore different mathematical concepts such as classifying, graphing, addition, subtraction, fractions, and more.


Grades 4-5-6

BSC 106 Hogwarts

Experience the world of Harry Potter as we combine literature and art to create projects and arts based on the popular book series.  Learn about the mythical spells, people, places, and much more.


BSC 107 Clay Masters

Coil it, pinch it, and work it with your hands! Work with self-hardening clay to create a variety of unique projects. Express your creativity as you use beads, paints, ribbons, and more to decorate your work.



Learn to solve crimes by gathering evidence including fingerprints, chromatography, shoeprints, and more. Discover the importance of using good logic to help solve the crime. Practice your interviewing skills and learn what questions are important to ask.


BGT 109 ***Archaeology Alive

Learn what a real archaeologist does as you explore techniques used to dig, recover, and document artifacts. Make your own fossil impressions.  Investigate to discover clues to our past.


Camp Odyssey (Grades 7-9)

BSC 110 CSC110 Geometric Challenge

This geometry class will introduce you to fundamental geometric theories. Use logic and reasoning to connect mathematical processes for real world application.


BSC 111 Laws of Motion

Are you a fan of physics? Explore Newton’s laws of motion through a variety of hands-on experiments. Use Newton’s second law to create a faster moving toy vehicle.


BSC 112 Hunger Games and More

Study the characters of Katniss Everdeen, Peeta Mellark, President Snow, and more. Compare and contrast this series with other popular past and present novels. Compete in Trivia contests and more.

Discovery (Grades K-6)


Session III:  June 23-27, 2014

Registration Deadline for Session III is Wednesday, June 18, 2014 at Noon.  Absolutely no registrations will be accepted after this time.

***=GIFTED/TALENTED COURSES:  Students must submit a school nomination to enroll.


Discovery (Grades K-6)


Grades K-1

CSC 100 Star Struck

Ever dreamed of being a princess, hero, or a villain? Here’s your chance to act out a character as you learn the fundamentals of theatre and acting through games and dramatic play. Explore activities involving rhythm, movement, sound, and music.


CSC 101 Science Adventures

Birds, spiders, and fossils, Oh my! Prepare yourself to study animals, pollution, recycling, sound, and more. Throughout the week, students will clean water, search for rocks and fossils, collect items to make a bird’s nest, and more.


Grades 2-3-4

CSC 102 Cartoon Comics

Put your creativity and drawing skills to the test!  Learn how to draw cartoon characters and caricatures.  Add special effects to make your cartoon creations unique. Create your own Discovery Comics to share with others.


CSC 103 102 Junior Science Magicians

Become a science magician! Discover how physics and chemistry make magic.  Experiment with things that glow in the dark and optical illusions. Concoct potions that change color. Learn how magicians read minds and impress your friends with coin and card tricks.


CSC 104 Newton’s Motion

Investigate Newton’s laws of motion. Build miniature skateboards to study his first law and construct rockets out of 2-liter soda bottles to study his third law.


CSC 105 Dance Movement

Dip into dance as you explore several dance styles. Stretch and condition your body and express yourself through creative movement. Beginners welcome.


Grades 4-5-6

CSC 106 Science Myth Busters

Discover the truth or untruth behind many science myths. Design investigations, choose experiments, test your theories and do data analysis. Explore the scientific method as you research and test your hypothesis.


CSC 107 Computer Skills

Take this class to learn all the basics of Microsoft Word, Publisher, and Excel. Students will use basic formulas to create an Excel calendar, learn to create their own website, and make interactive presentations like a Prezi.



CSC 108 Origami and Kiragami

Discover the world of this ancient Japanese art. Learn about the art of three dimensional paper cutting and folding. Learn about its origins while making flowers, animals, and more out of paper. Be amazed as you develop your hidden talent in paper cutting and folding.


CGT 109 ***Architectural Engineering

Examine past and present styles of architectural engineering wonders. Learn how the pyramids were created and castles built. Discover how the current-day looping rollercoaster is designed. Design and build your own marvel.


Camp Odyssey (Grades 7-9)

CSC110 Chemistry H2O

Experiment with molecules, heat, crystals, acids, and bases. Identify the properties of these substances while learning the fundamentals of chemistry.


CSC 111 Social Psychology

Have you wondered why you act, talk, or interact with you peers the ways you do? Start with an introduction to social psychology. Examine your personality as we explore how brain structure and functioning can explain only a portion of the question “Who am I?”


CSC 112 Dynamic Dramatics ++

Participants will learn the fundamentals of the theatre; stage directions, physical and vocal exercises, improvisation, theatre games, and much more. Students will display their dramatic side on the last day of camp.


Session IV:  June 30- July 3, 2014

Registration Deadline for Session IV is Wednesday, June 25, 2014 at Noon.  Absolutely no registrations will be accepted after this time.

***=GIFTED/TALENTED COURSES:  Students must submit a school nomination to enroll.

There will be no class on Friday, July 4.


Discovery (Grades K-6)


Grades K-1

DSC 100 Eating Your Words

A language enrichment class connecting fun literature and yummy snacks. Students will read and hear stories and then make snacks and art projects that correspond with the books.


DSC 101 “Fun”damental Computing

Everyone needs to learn the basics of a computer! Learn basic keyboarding and word processing. Explore various education games and safe sites of the Internet. Designed to introduce participants to the “fun”damentals of computing.


Grades 2-3-4

DSC 102 Star Warriors Academy

Is there life on another planet? Learn science fact from science fiction when you explore the planets, creatures, and vehicles in movies and books; as you learn about the real planets, robots, and other space technology used.


DSC 103 States of Matter

Explore the science behind what makes something a solid, liquid, or gas. Utilize hands-on experiments to understand the differences in these states. Participate in hands-on experiments as you determine the characteristics of each property.


DSC 104 The Great Outdoors

It’s great to be outdoors in the summer. Students will learn about outdoor plants, birds, and creepy-crawly things. Learn about the calls and colors of common outdoor birds. Make a bird feeder to take home.


DSC 105 Potter Pals

Experience the world of Harry Potter as we combine literature and art to create projects and art based on the popular book series. Learn about the mythical spells, people, places, and much more.


Grades 4-5-6

DSC 106 Survivor Skills

Learn about surviving in the wilderness. Subjects covered will include making a camp, ropes, and knots, map reading and land navigation, signaling, and rescues.  Students will also discuss what to do in an emergency.


DSC 107 Physics Fun

Explore magnetism, optical illusions, balloon science, and more as you discover the principles of physics. Participate in many hands-on experiments.


DSC 108 Get Moving!

Expect a week filled with activities to keep you moving and fit. Learn good eating habits, prepare healthy snacks, practice exercise skills, and participate in outdoor fitness activities. Find out how fun fitness can be!


DGT 109 ***Algebra Basics

Get a head start on Algebra. Topics will include variables, expressions, integers, solving equations, inequalities, factors, fractions, and exponents. Prepare for your next math year at school by getting your mind to think Algebra.


Camp Odyssey (Grades 7-9)

DSC 110 Treasure Seekers

Movies, books, and video games all have treasure components, searching for everything from ancient artifacts to the Titanic. Experts spend millions of dollars annually looking for treasures. Learn how historians have found these treasures. Study cartography and learn to use satellite imagery to locate items.


DSC 111 Debater’s Club

Have you ever felt strongly about a controversial issue but felt unable to state your point? Improve your public speaking and your ability to analyze data while preparing for various debates. Learn debate etiquette and how to research both sides of a topic. Participate in multiple debates throughout the week.


DSC 112 Japan and Anime

Interested in studying about the land where manga and anime were invented? Excited to learn some basic Japanese? Explore the culture of Japan and the popularity of anime in this class.

Session V:  July 7-11, 2014

Registration Deadline for Session V is Wednesday, July 2, 2014 at Noon. Absolutely no registrations will be accepted after this time.

***=GIFTED/TALENTED COURSES:  Students must submit a school nomination to enroll.


Discovery (Grades K-6)


Grades K-1

ESC 100 Stories and Sums

Mathematical applications come to life by reading books like Inch by Inch and others. Students will immerse themselves in concepts of measurement, time, money, and geometry as they enjoy narratives and work to solve problems posed.


ESC 101 Beyond Books

Expand your knowledge of classics and new books with fun and exciting activities. Use creative thinking and imagination. Write your own story; create a work of art, and more.


Grades 2-3-4

ESC 102 Engineering Exploration

Invent, build, and test hands-on projects and challenges to bring out the tinker in yourself.  Inspire future inventions, engineering and science. This is the place to discover by doing, make mistakes, and apply what you learn.


ESC 103 Kids and Cooking

Have fun mixing, measuring, and munching. Learn about the food pyramid, vitamins, minerals, and calories. Make and eat delicious and healthy foods.


ESC 104 Acting ABCs

Want to be a superstar? Come and learn basic skills of acting through improvisational games, vocal exercises, stage directions, and character creations.


ESC 105 Smooks

Conduct experiments, explore basic functions, and read as you combine science, math, and great books! Lots of exciting hands-on experiences and activities using math and science.


Grades 4-5-6

ESC 106 It Can Fly

Investigate airplanes, hot air balloons, kites, birds, and more.  Discover the aerodynamics that allows these items to fly. Work on your own designs to build the most efficient flying contraptions.


ESC 107 Perfect Art

Discover the fun! Create projects and masterpieces that can be made with a simple sheet of paper. Projects will include: origami, paper mâché, painting, and more.


ESC 108 The Lightning Thief

Become a part of Percy Jackson’s team as we pursue mythological adventures and the mystery and history of The Lightning Thief. Discuss the many different books in the series.


EGT 109 ***Spanish

Learning a foreign language can be fun! Learn Spanish greetings, colors, numbers, and the alphabet. Games, crafts, and hands-on projects will introduce the Spanish culture.


Camp Odyssey (Grades 7-9)

ESC 110 Forensic Analysis

Curious about a career in science?  Learn various skills used by investigators to solve a crime. Put your skills to the test to solve your own “crime scene.”


ESC 111 Web Master

Have you ever wanted to make your own Web Page?  Learn the basics about developing and creating your own page. Discover how to make links to cool sites, add graphics, and your own pictures. Learn the importance of safety while using the Internet.


ESC 112 Great Savings Race

Learn how to manage your money wisely by learning about different ways to save and invest. Create your own budget, balance a checkbook, and learn about investing!


Session VI:  July 14-18, 2014

Registration Deadline for Session VI is Wednesday, July 9, 2014 at Noon.  Absolutely no registrations will be accepted after this time.

***=GIFTED/TALENTED COURSES:  Students must submit a school nomination to enroll.


Discovery (Grades K-6)


Grades K-1

FSC 100 Lemonade Stand

Discover a variety of math concepts as you manage your lemonade stand. Make business decisions such as pricing, quality of product, inventory, and supplies. Learn to perform various mathematical functions to make your stand successful!


FSC 101 Sensational Science

Join us as we mix, squish, and create chemical concoctions that may crackle, pop, fizz, or sometimes safely explode. Learn to love experiments early on in school.


Grades 2-3-4

FSC 102 Game Stop

Brainstorm and analyze popular board games. Then use your higher level thinking processes to create an original board game for the future. Take it home and play with your family and friends.


FSC 103 Fascinating Geology

Want to learn to be a junior geologist or do you just enjoy rocks and minerals? Here is your chance to study the world of geology. Learn how rocks and fossils form, while conducting many hands-on experiments.


FSC 104 Rainbow Art and Science

Grab your diffraction glasses and prisms for a week full of color, light, rainbows, and bubbles. Explore optical illusions and how the eye sees the various colors. Make art projects exploring the mixing and blending of colors.


FSC 105 Design It!

Create, color, and stamp your way into your own card designs. Let your creativity flow as you design your own cards for family and friends. Learn how to properly address envelopes and how to write thank you notes.


Grades 4-5-6

FSC 106 Beakers and Books

Science and books join forces in this exciting class. Learn about the principles of chemistry and physics as you conduct actual experiments based upon the stories we read.


FSC 107 Web Master

Have you ever wanted to make your own Web Page? Learn the basics about developing and creating your own page. Discover how to make links to cool sites, add graphics, and your own pictures. Learn the importance of safety while using the Internet.


FSC 108 Team Builders

There’s no “I” in team is a familiar saying. Learn the strategies and skills needed to be a team player. Participate in projects, activities, and lessons while learning the importance of team work. Work together to complete complex logic and reasoning puzzles.


FGT 109 ***Investment 101

Do you know the difference between a stock and a bond? Explore the world of finance as you learn about the stock market and banking. Discover how to make your money work for you!


Camp Odyssey (Grades 7-9)

FSC 110 Spanish Culture

Planning to take Spanish as your foreign language elective in school? Get a jump start as you learn and practice basic conversational Spanish necessary to express yourself. Discover the cultures of Spanish speaking countries through, games, food, and art.


FSC 111 Math Logic

Explore advanced mathematical topics, including integers, equations, fractals, and more. Work on mind benders and logic puzzles. Use critical thinking skills to solve the mystery. Discover short cuts and ways to use logic to make sure you have the correct answer.


FSC 112 Space Odyssey++

Blast off into the exploration of the outer space and how astronauts travel there. Learn what makes the space shuttles soar into the air. Study the history behind the Apollo missions and explore the International Space Station.


Session VII:  July 21-July 25, 2014

Registration Deadline for Session VII is Wednesday, July 16, 2014 at Noon.  Absolutely no registrations will be accepted after this time.

***=GIFTED/TALENTED COURSES:  Students must submit a school nomination to enroll.


Discovery (Grades K-6)


Grades K-1

GSC 100 Reading the Sky

Have you seen Orion and the Big Dipper? Learn about the sun, stars, and the constellations. Activities will focus on math and science. Students will create their own planet mobile.


GSC 101 Nature Around Us

Discover the world of nature. Examine trees, birds, and bugs as you explore the campus nature trails. Create your own nature journal, map, and creepy crawly crafts.


Grades 2-3-4

GSC 102 Wacky Science

Enter the wacky world of science that allows you to explore a different area of science every day. Learn about plants, animals, rocks, ocean creatures, and the human body. Do experiments and conjure up the budding “-ologist” in you.


GSC 103 Mummy Mysteries

Get “wrapped up” in ancient Egypt. Learn how ancient civilizations made their mummies; explore how the pyramids were built as you create your own miniature model to take home. Write your name in hieroglyphics. Join us as we discover Egyptian mysteries.


GSC 104 Tree House Magic

Experience the world of Jack and his little sister Annie, as we combine literature and art to create projects based on the popular Magic Tree House series. Join us as we enjoy their adventures as they travel through space and time.


GSC 105 Green Thumb

Have a knack for things that are green? Join us as we learn about the world of botany. Learn about seeds, plant structure, and flowers. Hike through the nature trails and participate in environmental projects.


Grades 4-5-6

GSC 106 What’s Your Point?

Learn debate techniques as you research a topic and prepare to persuade your audience. Study public speaking techniques in articulation, physical gestures, the use of humor, and strategies to calm the butterflies in your stomach.


GSC 107 Icing on the Cake

Learn the secrets and techniques of decorating cakes and cookies. Learn how to make roses, stars, and other exciting icing shapes.  Decorate your own mini-cake or cookie for the decorating contest. Use your creativity to make other sweet treats.


GSC 108 Rainforest Wonders

Learn about the Eco-systems that exist in the canopy of the rainforest. Research your favorite rainforest creatures and discover the climate they live in. Explore books on the rainforest and create projects based on your findings.


GGT 109 ***Junior United Nations

Create your own government. Negotiate with other countries and experience diplomacy at its best. Create your own flag, native crafts, and traditions. Design your country’s parliament and develop laws to make your country succeed.


Camp Odyssey (Grades 7-9)

GSC 110 Social Media

Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter are all fun social media sites. Learn the benefits of the various social media outlets, how to use them properly and how to make good and safe decisions when posting information.


GSC 111 Mysteries in History

Have you been wondering who shot JFK or what is housed at Area 51? Unsolved mysteries intrigue us. Examine evidence of various historical events to determine what happened. See if you can unlock the answers to an unsolved mystery.


GSC 112 The Great Outdoors

This course will give you new meaning to the phrase “the great outdoors!” Hiking, outdoor games, and basic camping skills will be just a few of the topics covered in this course.


Session VIII:  July 28-August 1, 2014

Registration Deadline for Session VIII is Wednesday, July 23, 2014 at Noon.  Absolutely no registrations will be accepted after this time.

***=GIFTED/TALENTED COURSES:  Students must submit a school nomination to enroll.


Discovery (Grades K-6)


Grades K-1

HSC 100 Kitchen Chemistry

Come and see what you can concoct as we make something out of nothing using common household ingredients. We will make clay, paint, chalk, putty, and much more.


HSC 101 Let’s Move

Discover how to keep yourself and others healthy. Learn the importance of eating right, washing your hands, and staying active. Students will create a food pyramid chart and participate in games and exercises to help keep them active.


Grades 2-3-4

HSC 102 Inventions

Learn critical thinking skills and unwind your mind into new inventions! Explore your inventive mind as you discover Leonardo da Vinci and the Wright Brothers. Create the next great invention.


HSC 103 Artful Antics

Discover the world of art as you explore a different art technique each day.  Learn how to paper mâché, paint, draw, sculpt, and more. Use your creativity and explore the many mediums of art.


HSC 104 Math Games Galore

Students will enjoy creating and playing math games to sharpen their skills. Card games and dice are just a few things this class will use to make math fun.


HSC 105 Map It

Would you like to be able to read a treasure map or a road map? In this class, students will not only learn how to read a map, but also make maps using a key, symbols, and directions. Students will also explore new technologies in mapping directions.


Grades 4-5-6

HSC 106 Quick Strokes

Learn basic computer keyboarding in this class. Learn to type with your eyes closed as you learn proper finger placement and movement. Explore a variety of typing games that will help you with your keyboarding techniques.


HSC 107 Discovery Court

Students have a chance to discover what a court room looks and feels like as they take on the various jobs. Students will participate in various “trials” to determine who is guilty and who is innocent. Court is in Session!


HSC 108 Circus Style

Bring out the real clown in you. Learn to create your own clown personality and routine. Make balloon sculptures, develop your own clown skits, perform, and entertain. You will be clowning around with us in this class. Learn how to turn clowning into a business.


HGT 109 ***Quiz Show

Do you love competing with trivia alone or on teams. Enjoy a week of friendly competitions in math, science, history, literature, and even sports trivia. Learn how to listen for clues within the question. Spend time reading and researching items and see how much you retain for the quiz show after.


Camp Odyssey (Grades 7-9)

HSC 110 Infrastructures

Explore the world of engineering and building. How are tunnels made to not collapse, what are the various bridges and when are they used, how do skyscrapers stand so tall? Research, discover, and build your own infrastructure in this hands-on class.


HSC 111 Life Lessons

Are you ready to move out already? Discover what will help you when it is time. Learn basic skills of cooking, laundry, job skills, etiquette, money management, and more. Get a heads up on important life lessons.


HSC 112 Go Government++

Learn about the three separate branches of government and find out what it takes to be a leader in government. Create your own government, rules, and regulations. Explore voting procedures as you elect your own leaders.


Session IX:  August 4-8, 2014

Registration Deadline for Session IX is Wednesday, July 30, 2014 at Noon.  Absolutely no registrations will be accepted after this time.

***=GIFTED/TALENTED COURSES:  Students must submit a school nomination to enroll.


Discovery (Grades K-6)


Grades K-1

JSC 100 Discovering Dinosaurs

Have you wondered what happened to the dinosaurs of long ago? Study different dinosaurs, what they ate, where they lived, and discover how scientists have learned so much about them.


JSC 101 World Explorations

Discover the world this week through the exploration of customs and cultures from around the world. Each day explore a different continent and its location. Learn common phrases, games, and songs.


Grades:  2-3-4

JSC 102 Knights of the Round Table

Learn what it is like be a knight in shining armor as you journey through history and study famous castles, kings, and queens. Create your own coat of arms and build your own castle. Build a catapult and practice with different projectiles.


JSC 103 Junior Detective

Put your crime scenes skills to the test when you learn about fingerprints, handwriting analysis, and more. Learn how to interview suspects and how detectives use logic and reasoning to solve mysteries.


JSC 104 Young Leaders

Learn the importance of good character and leadership. Explore how one can be a good leader and a great team player through a variety of games and activities.  Discover what it means to be a good sport at all times and how to work with others. Develop new skills you can use at home, school, or camp.


JSC 105 Computer Connectivity

Enhance your problem solving and critical thinking skills as you learn to utilize the computer to create challenging projects. Learn how to use various computing programs and explore safe sites on the Internet.


Grades 4-5-6

JSC 106 Codes and Ciphers

Do you want to stop your little brother from reading your diary? Do you want to feel like a real “secret agent” by passing a coded message to your friends? This class will show you many codes and ciphers, from simple letter switching to historic code tools. Students will also learn tips and secrets of breaking many types of codes.  


JSC 107 It’s a Snap!

Learn the skills of photography including how to frame a picture and what direction will give you the best light. Students will travel around to campus gardens to learn how to take still and live shots. Students need to bring their own digital camera, memory stick, and assume responsibility for their camera.


JSC 108 Student Success

Learn the essentials for academic success: good study habits, time management, organization, outlining, test-taking strategies, active study techniques, and memory techniques.


JGT 109 ***Space: Final Frontier

What is life like on the space station? What do the astronauts see? Explore space, sun, moon, stars, and more as you examine life on other planets and the possibility of living in space. Build your own solar mobile.


Camp Odyssey (Grades 7-9)

JSC 110 ESC 112 Discovery News

Learn about journalism while creating camp news articles. Practice interviewing people, writing questions, developing story lines, using quotes, and telling a story with a picture.


JSC 111 Art Expo

Drawing, sculpting, and computer designs are all forms of art. Explore with us as we create unique works of art from these and other various art forms. Students will also be introduced to artists and artwork that relate to their own creations.


JSC 112 Traveling Photos

Learn how to manipulate photos and graphics while pretending to be a travel agent. Create professional looking designs for a variety of foreign or domestic locations. Students will explore Photoshop and other photo enhancing software.


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