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2014 Summer Enrichment Camps
Grades 6 – 9

Leadership Skills
Your middle school years are formative in how you lead yourself and others! Learn the basics of leadership that will provide a blueprint for you to use the rest of your life. Skills you develop now will set a firm foundation for developing a strong character, leading to future success in your academic and career endeavors. Are you interested in being a leader? Or are you already a leader who wants to improve your skills and ability to lead others? This workshop will be a fun, interactive program that will teach you leadership topics and help you apply them to your life and how to use these skills to prepare for your future.   

Course Dates: July 6-11, 2014                         Fee: $650



Astronomy is the study of the physical universe including: planets, asteroids, comets, stars, and galaxies. Through projects performed in the classroom and outdoors, students will learn about the constellations, the history of modern astronomy, the phases of the Moon, the idea of time in astronomy, the size and scale of the solar system, the positions, distances, and movements of the stars, and how telescopes work. Students will also learn how computer technology is used to extend and enhance our understanding of the universe. Mathematical concepts behind the science will be demonstrated.

Course Dates: July 6-11, 2014                         Fee: $650


Dramatic Theatre

“All the worlds’ a stage. . .” Study the voice, body and mind which will include pantomime, improvisation, scene study, stage movement, character development, and play production. Students will get an in-depth look at these skills. Combining all of these skills, you will rehearse and perform a script for family and friends on the final day of the camp.

Course Dates: July 13-18, 2014                       Fee: $650


Architectural Engineering

Have you ever wondered how architects design buildings or how engineers design roller coasters? What about how the pyramids were built long ago? Discover how in this hands-on exploratory class. Design and build your own wooden bridge to withstand weight, erect your own tower, create your own roller coaster, and build your own boat. Be prepared to use trial and error to determine the best methods to utilize structure and design in your projects.

Course Dates: July 13-18, 2014                      Fee: $650


Art Exploration

Explore your passion for art in this course as you explore the visual impact of color and composition. You will gain inspiration from master works by Michelangelo, DaVinci, Monet, and O'Keefe and will learn a variety of drawing and painting techniques. You will be introduced to the elements and principles of design as you create original pieces of artwork. Students are highly encouraged to bring a digital camera for use in reference images.

Course Dates: July 20-25, 2014                       Fee: $650


Busted Physics Facts                                     BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND!

If I tap the side of my soda can, will it prevent the soda from foaming over when I open the can? Can water boiled in a microwave oven suddenly explode? Join us as we use scientific principles and experiments to determine fact from myth. We will use physics and chemistry as we test whether it is fact or myth.

Course Dates: July 20-25, 2014                       Fee: $650


Cake Stars                                                      NEW!

Cake, Hope, & Love (a Dayton cake shop established in 2009) will be offering a week long cake & cupcake decorating class. Students will learn cake leveling, construction, smooth icing with buttercream, and rolling a cake in fondant. Students will also learn several decorating techniques such as buttercream ruffles, fondant piece application, basic scroll piping, and fondant sculpting. We are very excited to share our love of everything sugar & sweet with you! Visit the store’s Facebook page to see what they are baking up.

Course Dates: July 27-Aug. 1, 2014                  Fee: $650


Digital Design

Want to learn what to do with those hundreds of photos you have? This class will focus on creative manipulation of photographs with Adobe Design software. Topics will include digital techniques as they relate to principles of design, color, composition, and spatial relationships. Students will learn how to adjust the color balance and restore a damaged photo. Students will create a website to showcase their newly learned design techniques. Students must provide their own digital camera and flash drive for this class.

Course Dates: July 27-Aug. 1, 2014                    Fee: $650

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