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ECO 5690: Insurance Basics for Teachers

Course Description:

Insurance Basics for Teachers is a component of the personal finance education for grades 6-12 as mandated by Ohio Senate Bill 311. This course is designed for teachers with minimal knowledge of insurance principles and to provide middle and high school teachers with sufficient knowledge to teach basic property and casualty insurance principles. This course will give participants an array of resources that can be used in the classroom to develop curriculum. It will also aid in providing an understanding of insurance topics as they relate to personal finance education. Topics for this course include property damage liability, driving while intoxicated, decision making, moral hazard, and health insurance. View a sample assignment.

Full Scholarship Available

The Ohio Insurance Institute is offering a LIMITED number of FULL $399 scholarships to Ohio Resident Teachers
(grades 7-12) completing and passing "ECO 5690 Insurance Basics for Teachers" online course for Fall Term 2014. The scholarships are on a first come, first serve basis so apply NOW!

These scholarships are available through the Ohio Insurance Institute. Scholarship applications must be submitted online at http://bit.ly/eL4Jwm. Once you apply for the scholarship, call the Center for Economic Education at (937) 775-2322 or (937) 775-2812 to register for the course. To apply for a scholarship contact the Center for Economic Education at (937)775-2322.

*Available to Ohio residents only.*


2 graduate semester hours x $577 = $1,154 minus $755 tuition waiver = $399 Final Cost *
If you receive the scholarship the final cost to you will be FREE.*

Fall Term Dates

October 5, 2015 - November 24, 2015
Registration Deadline: October 2, 2015


This course is being offered in a flex-pace format, which means fewer due dates for more flexibility. You can finish early. Call for more details.

Worried about taking this course because it may interfere with other commitments? Don't worry, just call and we will work with you to make special arrangements.

For More Information or to Register:

Call (937) 775-2322 or (937) 775-2812

*State of Ohio residents only. Out of state fees apply to all others.

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