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Technical Associate Degree Programs:

Associate of Applied Business (A.A.B.)

Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.)

Associate of Technical Studies (A.T.S.)

Associate degrees in the following technical programs prepare students for career entry after two years of study. Technical education programs provide the type of career training desired by business, industry, governmental units, and many other employers.

Office Information Systems (A.A.B.)

The Associate of Applied Business in Office Information Systems offers three options for students to focus their interest.

Administrative Assistant Option
The administrative assistant in today's business world is a professional who must make decisions and use communication skills and writing expertise to advance the public image of the executive for whom he or she works. Administrative assistants must be proficient in all areas of office procedure and be skilled in operating office equipment in addition to assisting the executive. The office information systems program encompasses all of these necessary skills while giving the student a well-rounded background.

Legal Administrative Assistant Option
Preparing legal documents for court action or any correspondence involving legal acts, rights, offenses, and ethics requires a precise understanding of form and terminology. Accuracy is vital for the legal administrative assistant. The legal administrative assistant program combines training and practice on office machines and in office procedures, while teaching the nomenclature of law. Included is a basic introduction to terminology, procedures, business administration, and economics. Electives permit students to broaden knowledge in areas of career specialty or personal interest.

Medical Administrative Assistant Option
In addition to furnishing classroom techniques for perfecting basic office skills (such as typing, speedwriting, composition, and the use of office machines), the medical administrative assistant technology program incorporates fundamental courses in administration, accounting, economics, and computer skills. It also provides exacting instruction in medical terminology, medical office procedure, medical coding, biology, and psychology.

Requirements for the Associate of Applied Business Degree in Office Information Systems

General Education Requirements 24

ENG 101 and 102 8
Electives* 16
Departmental Requirements** 56-60

Related Requirements** 21-23

Total (minimum requirement) 101-103

*Student should consult with an academic advisor on recommended electives to be taken.
**Departmental and related requirements may vary based on option selected.

Information Technology: Graphic Design and Visual Media(A.A.B.)

Graduates who major in Graphic Design and Visual Media have a wide choice of careers in the desktop publishing field. A graduate may work as a graphic designer with a company that creates promotional material and advertising campaigns as well as catalogs, brochures, instruction manuals, newsletters, technical literature, and many other items requiring visual design. Publishing companies use desktop publishing to lay out books, magazines, and other publications. A graduate may work as a Webmaster, from designing and creating Web pages to maintaining the site.

Requirements for the Associate of Applied Business Degree in Information Technology
General Education Requirements 22

Departmental Requirements 54-56

Related Requirements 20

Total (minimum requirement) 96-97

Contact the Lake Campus Academic Advisors for program checksheets.

Associate of Technical Study (A.T.S.)

The Associate of Technical Study degree uses courses from existing two-year technical programs along with the General Education base to fulfill a unique educational need. Intended for individuals with specialized technical interests, the Associate of Technical Study degree allows the student to develop, with the guidance of a designated faculty advisor, an individualized technical program. This program must establish an educational goal and include a concentration of courses required to accomplish that goal.

A minimum of 45 credit hours of the total program must be in a clearly identifiable area of concentration. This technical component may be developed by combining courses from two or more academic disciplines. General Education requirements and basic course requirements must account for a minimum of 42 total credit hours. The Associate of Technical Study degree requires from 90 to 110 total credit hours; graduation requirements are the same as for other A.A.S. and A.A.B. degrees.

Many job opportunities in industry and business today require that technicians, programmers, and designers have exposure to a broad range of technologies. The Associate of Technical Study degree provides needed flexibility that industry finds essential as it continues to diversify and meet the needs of a changing industrial market.

Students can choose to follow a pre-designed program, such as business applications, computer graphics, operations management, or may modify a program, or design one to meet their own needs. Advising is a key component of these programs. Interested students should start by contacting a Lake Campus advisor to discuss the unique opportunities available through A.T.S. degrees.

Requirements for the Associate of Technical Study Degree
General Education Requirements 23-24

ENG 101, 102 8
Communication Elective 3-4
GE Electives 12
Related Course Requirements 20-22

CS 205 4
Math: Level 3 or higher 3-5
TEG 141 or SOC 200 or 221, or PSY 105 4
Electives** 9
Technical Core Requirements* 48

Total (minimum required) 91

*This component may be developed by combining courses from two or more of the academic programs in the technical area. This development is done through the guidance of a designated faculty advisor.
**Student should consult with an academic advisor on recommended electives.
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