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Recommendation for Licensure

Every teacher in Ohio public schools is required to be licensed in the field or fields in which he or she is teaching. This license is issued by the Ohio Department of Education upon the recommendation of the College of Education and Human Services. Students may apply for licensure in the College of Education and Human Services Office of Student Services during the last quarter of their professional undergraduate programs. (Note: Many programs require graduate level study for licensure.) A candidate for teaching licensure at Wright State University must be deemed of good moral character, have successfully completed the approved program of teacher preparation, obtain passing scores on the state-mandated exams, and be recommended by the dean of the College of Education and Human Services. Finger printing and a background check are also required for all applicants to receive an initial license.

"Good moral character" is defined as not having pleaded guilty to or not having been convicted of any felony; any violation of Section 2907.04 (Corruption of a Minor), Section 2907.06 (Sexual Imposition), or Division (A) or (C) of Section 2907.07 (Importuning) of the Revised Code; any violent offense, theft offense, or drug abuse offense that is not a minor misdemeanor; or any substantively comparable ordinance of a municipal corporation or of another state. An individual who has pleaded guilty to or has been convicted of any such offense may have an application for licensure considered by the State Board of Education, provided the individual meets the conditions specified in rule 3301-23-23 of the Administrative Code.

Licensure of Students from Other Colleges within the University

Students who receive degrees from other colleges within the university may also wish to obtain teaching licenses. Recommendation for licensure will occur only after a student satisfactorily completes all of the requirements of the College of Education and Human Services. These include admission; selective retention; the major teaching field and related requirements, the preprofessional and Phase I professional courses and professional courses at the graduate level; and a passing score on the state-mandated exam(s).

Licensure for Holders of Nonprofessional Degrees

Students who are graduates of other accredited colleges or universities must meet the licensure requirements for their chosen teaching area. See a Student Services Advisor for additional information.

School Nurse Licensure Program

The School Nurse Licensure program is offered as a graduate program. The graduate-level program leads to licensure as a school nurse in the state of Ohio. For more information, contact the College of Nursing and Health at (937) 775-3131.

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