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First-Year Experience

First-year students need assistance to navigate successfully through their initial year of college. The First Year Experience (FYE) is a wealth of opportunities provided by many dedicated faculty, staff, and students who are committed to helping new students through this learning process. For newly admitted students, the FYE begins simultaneously in Academic Affairs, including the University College, and Student Affairs, and Enrollment Management Services. Staff in these divisions work collaboratively with the university community to coordinate numerous first year student activities. Incoming students participate in both academic and student life activities that help them adjust to college, achieve academic success, grow and develop personally, and explore career development.

Early components of the FYE include placement testing, Summer On-Campus Advising and Registration (SOAR), Convocation, First Weekend, learning communities, and service learning and civic engagement.

Placement Testing

New students must complete appropriate testing before scheduling an academic advising appointment to prepare for course registration. The University College conducts placement testing in mathematics and writing for undergraduate students who are new to the university. Some students (transfer, new, and continuing) may not be required to complete placement testing. Students should contact the University College for additional information regarding transfer credit, Advanced Placement and other exceptions.

Note: students under the age of 23 who attend Summer On-Campus Advising and Registration (SOAR) will undergo testing and registration as part of the SOAR process.

New Student Enrollment

All new students will follow the procedures outlined in their letters of admission to complete placement testing, advising, and registration.

Summer On-Campus Advising and Registration (SOAR)

First year students under the age of 23 with no previous college experience who are enrolling for fall quarter attend SOAR. While on campus, students receive academic advising in the University College, choose a learning community, and register for fall classes. Information about placement testing and SOAR is mailed to newly admitted students in the spring and is also available at http://www.wright.edu/univ_college or in 180 University Hall. Transfer students and students who do not attend SOAR may also refer to the Web site.

All new students beginning winter, spring, or summer quarters will follow the procedures outlined in their letters of admission.

Learning Communities

Wright State provides learning communities to help new students adjust quickly and become successful in college. Each learning community (LC) is a small group of students who take two or more classes together during their first quarter. Most LC's are based upon a first year seminar, such as LA 101, SM 198, or UVC 101. These courses provide an opportunity for students to make new friends, share learning experiences, learn college success strategies, and receive personal attention as part of a supportive college family. There are a variety of types of learning communities from which to choose. Academic advisors will help new students explore the options and select an appropriate learning community.

Service Learning and Civic Engagement

First year students participate in the Freshman Plunge service project during First Weekend and in service programs throughout the year.

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