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International Business

Director Monica Snow

This major prepares students for careers in international business. The program has an applied learning orientation that includes foreign language courses and an internship in an area of international business. The degree is interdisciplinary, combining courses in culture, foreign language, and international business. A combination of international courses is taken in each functional area of business, including marketing, accountancy, finance, management, and economics.

The international business major should be selected by students who want a broad background and applied experiences for administrative careers that require competency in language, culture, and international business operations. In addition, the major provides a firm grounding in the management of organizational and institutional resources and in international issues.

Through the required internship, the major provides the opportunity to apply skills learned in the classroom to real-life situations. The major also encourages study abroad opportunities to hone foreign language skills and international trade competencies.

Applied modern language courses are offered in Spanish, French, and German through the Department of Modern Languages.

Language Placement

Students with fewer than two years of a foreign language in high school, or a grade of C or lower, are advised to enroll in FR, GER, or SPN 101, 102, 103 for credit.

Students who have studied a foreign language for two or more years and received a grade of B or better may not take 100-level foreign language courses for credit; they must enroll in FR, GER, or SPN 201.

Degree Requirements - International Business

Bachelor of Science in Business Degree

The major in international business requires a minimum of 187 credit hours.

General Education Requirements


Required Substitutions:
Area I: MTH 228 (counted in Business Core)
Area III: EC 204, 205 (counted in Business Core)
Area VI: EC 290 or FIN 205

Business Core Requirements


International Business Major Requirements


EC 435


MS 334


FIN 490


MKT 421


MGT 485


ACC 454


IB 486


IB 481


Modern Language 201, 202, 203


FR 325, GER 325, or SPN 325


Cultural Electives


Total 187

Scheduling, prerequisite, and elective information is available in 110 Rike Hall or on the Raj Soin College of Business Web site at http://www.wright.edu/rscob/.

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