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Director December Green

The international studies major offers students the opportunity to study international politics, economics, culture, and society. The major combines intensive study of a foreign language with an interdisciplinary curriculum of study chosen by a student in consultation with a faculty advisor.

The Bachelor of Arts degree program in international studies consists of three parts: three years of study of one foreign language; the major core courses, which include introductory work in art history, economics, geography, history, political science, religion and women's studies; and work in a specialized track.

The specialized tracks in the international studies major provide six options: international diplomacy and peace studies, area studies, comparative cultures, international economics, global gender studies, and research/intelligence analysis. The international diplomacy and peace studies track includes courses in political science, communication, and history. The area studies track allows students to focus on a global region (e.g., Africa or Latin America) and includes classes in anthropology, history, humanities, and political science. The comparative cultures track includes courses from anthropology, classics, English, history, humanities, philosophy, and religion. The international economics track focuses on global economic concerns, with supporting course work in history, political science, and sociology. The global gender studies track incorporates a gender-analysis approach to diplomacy, area studies, comparative cultures, and international economics. The research/intelligence track combines course work in research methods, ethics, and a variety of disciplines to assist those interested in international affairs to work in data analysis.

Study abroad opportunities in Australia, Chile, Costa Rica, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Malta, New Zealand, Scotland, Spain, Thailand, and elsewhere are available through the University Studies Abroad Consortium, of which Wright State is a member. Study abroad and cultural exchange can be arranged through the University Center for International Education, E190 Student Union.

Although studying abroad is not a requirement for an international studies degree, students will find that it will greatly enrich their educational experience, as will exposure to a foreign culture and peoples. In order to have adequate language preparation, students interested in studying abroad should design their course of study well in advance of their trip.

Students interested in careers in government, international business, teaching, or journalism should contact the director of the international studies major. The major program also provides sound preparation for students interested in graduate work in law, the humanities, or the social sciences.

Degree Requirements- International Studies

Bachelor of Arts Degree
See General Education Requirements
General Education Requirements 56

Required Course:
Area VI: Any approved Liberal Arts College
Component course
Foreign Language and Research Methods Requirements 44
Twelve hours minimum at the 300 level or demonstrated proficiency at the level of 312, 322, or 325 and three research methods courses.
Major Core Requirements 19-20

Choose at least five of the following courses:
ART 213
CSE 250
GEO 325
HST 200
PLS 222
REL 245
WMS 200
Major Specialized Track 28-58

Total course work in the core and specialized tracks may not exceed 76 hours. Course work numbered 300 or above should be emphasized. Close consultation with and approval of the major advisor is required.
Choose one:
International Diplomacy and Peace Studies
Area Studies
Comparative Cultures
International Economics
Global Gender Studies
Research/Intelligence Analysis
Total (core and specialized track) 47-78

Electives 14-45

Total (minimum) 192

Honors Program

Departmental honors in international studies are awarded upon graduation to qualified international studies majors who carry out independent research under the guidance of a faculty sponsor and who complete an honors thesis with a grade of A or B. Juniors with a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0 (and 3.5 in the major) should contact the program director about this opportunity and its requirements.

Minor in International Studies
Students majoring in any field will benefit from a basic understanding of international affairs. The international studies minor consists of 36 credit hours and requires completion of a foreign language through the 202 level. Because a variety of concentrations is available in the minor, students should consult with the program director to determine the best program of coursework.

Program Requirements 36

Three of the following courses: 12
ART 213 or 214; CSE 250; GEO 325; HST 200; PLS 222; REL 245 or CST 232; WMS 200
24 hours of upper division course work from at least three disciplines in areas of the student's choice, to be selected in consultation with advisor

National Honor Society
International studies majors may become eligible for election to Phi Beta Delta, the honor society for international scholars. For more information, interested students should see the director of the program.

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