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Professors Becker (Emeritus), Dorn, Haas (Chair), Lockhart, Sherman, Spetter (Emeritus)
Associate Professors Arbagi (Emeritus), Carlson (WSU-Lake Campus), Carrafiello, Garner, Green, Herringer, McLellan, Melton (Emeritus), Meyer, Vice, Yuan (Emeritus)
Assistant Professor Wachtell (Emeritus)
Lecturer Oldstone-Moore

The undergraduate major in history exposes students to a broad spectrum of human experience in the past and present, arming them with an understanding of the self and of their relationship to other human beings and to the structure of society. History students are encouraged to further their knowledge of the principal developments and problems of history and to enrich their understanding of historical evolution through research and writing. Through elective courses in other departments, students gain a broad liberal arts education and enlarge their historical perspective. The history major can thus be used generally by students who wish to be useful members of the community and specifically by students who seek careers in teaching, journalism, library and archival work, government, politics, law, and business. The program also provides a sound basis for students planning to pursue graduate study.

Students in the history program are assigned an academic advisor who assists them with academic routines, selecting individual courses, and developing undergraduate and postgraduate goals. Students interested in careers in law, public service, journalism, or business should consult with the advisor about departmental programs particularly geared to these fields.

Majors are expected to maintain at least a 2.0 GPA in history for graduation.

Degree Requirements-History Bachelor of Arts Degree

See General Education Requirements
General Education Requirements 56

Required Courses:
HST 101, 102, 103 (any two)
Recommended Course:
Area VI: HST 200, 220 or 221
Departmental Requirements 54

HST 211 and 212 6
HST 400 (Historiography) 4
HST 401 (Methods Seminar) 4
U.S. history (upper division) 8
European history (upper division) 8
Asian, African, Latin American history (upper division) 8
Related electives (upper division) 16
Foreign Language and Research Methods Requirement 24-32

Electives 50-58

Total 192

History Honors Program

The honors program allows qualified students to carry out independent research under the guidance of a faculty sponsor. Departmental honors are awarded at graduation based on the student's completing the following: at least one interdisciplinary honors seminar; a 3.5 GPA in history and a 3.0 GPA in overall course work; completion of an honors thesis with a grade of A or B. In exceptional cases, certain requirements may be waived by a vote of the departmental curriculum committee. Interested students should consult with the departmental advisor.

Minor in History

The minor in history will benefit students majoring in disciplines such as religion, classics, political science, and literature. Students minoring in history will acquire the historical background and learn the critical and analytical techniques used by historians.

The history minor consists of 30 hours of course work, excluding courses taken for General Education.

Departmental Requirements 30

American history: HST 211, 212 6
Three upper division courses, one each in the following:
American history
European history
Asian, African, or Latin American history
Twelve hours of upper division course work in areas of the student's choice to be selected in consultation with an advisor12
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