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Repeating and Auditing Courses

Repeating Courses

Courses counted as part of the first 45 credit hours (including transfer hours) can be repeated if the grade earned was a D, F, or X. The course may be repeated until the student has achieved a grade of at least a C. Only the last attempt for each course will be counted in the cumulative GPA, as long as it is completed no later than the quarter in which the first 60 credit hours are earned (exception: or until the course is offered again, if ever, during the regular academic year). However, each grade received for a repeated course will become a part of the student's permanent record.

After the first 45 hours (including transfer hours), students may repeat any course in which they earned a grade of D, F, or X until they have achieved at least a grade of C. Each grade will become part of the permanent record and will be counted in the cumulative GPA.

Students may repeat courses in which they have earned a grade of A, B, or C in order to increase their knowledge or to meet program requirements, but the hours and points for the repeat will not be calculated in their hours earned or in the determination of their cumulative GPA. Neither will the hours or points be used to meet graduation requirements.

Students in those program units where the repeat policy is more rigorous than that of the university shall follow the policy of that department, college, or school.

In calculating cumulative GPAs for the purpose of graduating with honors, only the first grade earned for a course will be counted.

Students may not repeat a course after graduation in order to alter their final GPA at the date of graduation. They may repeat a course later, but the second grade will not affect their undergraduate GPA.

Auditing Courses

If class space permits, a student may audit a course, with written approval from the instructor before enrolling. The amount of participation required of auditing students is left to the discretion of the instructor, but it cannot exceed that required of a regular student. The student may not use audited courses to establish full-time status, and the student may not change his or her registration from audit to credit or from credit to audit after the fifth business day of a regular 10 week quarter or day two of a short term.
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