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Grading System

Academic achievement is indicated by the following letter grades and points used in calculating GPAs.

A Excellent—4 points per credit hour
B Good—3 points per credit hour
C Satisfactory—2 points per credit hour
D Poor—1 point per credit hour
F Failed—0 points per credit hour
X Student did not complete course or officially withdraw—0 points per credit hour
A student's GPA at Wright State is obtained by dividing the number of points the student has earned at Wright State by the total number of hours the student has attempted, excluding the following symbols, which appear on student records but are not used in computing GPAs:
L Audit—given only if arranged when the student registers
N No report—the instructor did not report a grade
P Passing—indicates work of C quality or better; given only for specifically approved courses
M Satisfactory progress on a project—final grade assigned upon completion of the project
T Attendance in honors courses. Those hours are not counted toward graduation. Not used effective fall 1998.
U Unsatisfactory performance
I Incomplete—given only when part of the required work is missing and arrangements have been made with the instructor to complete the work. The instructor must submit an Incomplete grade contract at the time the grade is submitted to the Office of the Registrar. If the work is not completed by the end of the following quarter, or earlier if required by the instructor, the I grade automatically is converted to an F and the grade point is recalculated, unless the instructor submits another I grade. Work for an Incomplete received spring quarter does not have to be completed until the end of the following fall quarter if the instructor does not indicate an earlier date on the Incomplete grade contract.
W Withdrew—given for courses from which the student officially withdrew, that the student dropped during the fourth through seventh week of classes or equivalent, or for which the student successfully petitioned for withdrawal.

Grade reports are available online at http://wings.wright.edu. Students who notice any discrepancy on their reports should contact the Office of the Registrar within 30 days after the end of the term.

The Wright State University grading system does not award “+” and “-” grades. Students transferring courses and associated grades to Wright State University from institutions under a “+” and “-” grading system will be evaluated and receive a transfer grade based on the Wright State University grading system. For example, grades of C+, C, or C- will be evaluated as a C for transfer to Wright State University

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