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Graduation Requirements for Associate’s Degree

To graduate with an associate’s degree from Wright State University-Lake Campus, all students must fulfill the following requirements: 

Credit Hours—A minimum of 90 credit hours must be earned in approved courses for an associate’s degree. 

Grade Point Average—At least a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 must be earned for courses taken at Wright State University. 

General Education—The university’s general education requirements must be completed. 

Residence Regulations—A minimum of 20 credit hours in the student’s major concentration must be earned at Wright State University for completion of an associate’s degree. 

Students must also fulfill all program requirements set by departments, colleges, and schools, some of which exceed these university minimums; see individual program requirements for details. 

Responsibility for registering in appropriate classes, scheduling, and fulfilling all university and program requirements for graduation rests with the student. 

Students who are continuously enrolled or eligible to enroll continuously (students are eligible to enroll continuously if they are enrolled during any part of the calendar year) may elect to meet either the university requirements that were in effect when they entered Wright State or the university requirements that came into effect while they were continuously enrolled. Students who were not enrolled continuously must meet the university requirements in effect when they are readmitted to the university.

 Students must meet the college or school requirements in effect when they are admitted to the college or school, and they must meet the program requirements in effect when they are admitted to a specific program or major. Students who are not enrolled continuously may be required to meet the college, school, or program requirements in effect when they are readmitted to a program. In addition, students who have not completed their program in seven years may have their college, school, or program requirements revised. 

Bachelor’s Degree Requirements are included in the main campus section of the catalog. 

Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) 

Baccalaureate degree students must complete a total of eight WAC courses, six in General Education (GE) and two in the major. Lake Campus students should meet with their advisor to determine the effect of this requirement on their individual programs.

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