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Table of Concents
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Graduate Faculty


Last Name First Name Grad Faculty Status Status Expiration Date
Haas Edward Regular N/A
Halabi Awad Regular N/A
Hale Christopher Adjunct 06 13
Hall Chris Regular N/A
Hall Kelly Adjunct 06 12
Halling Kirsten Regular N/A
Halm Dan Regular N/A
Hambright Cindy Adjunct 06 12
Hambright Grant Regular N/A
Hamilton Glenn Regular N/A
Hamister James Associate 06 15
Hammerschmidt Chad Regular N/A
Hammond Crystal Associate 06 17
Hangartner Thomas Regular  N/A
Harmon Frederick Adjunct 06 12
Harper Tiffany Adjunct 06 13
Harris Andrea Adjunct 06 12
Harris Charlotte Regular  N/A
Harrod Steven Adjunct 06 15
Hartrum Thomas Adjunct 06 12
Hartzler Lynn Regular  N/A
Hary Stephen Adjunct 06 14
Haught John Regular N/A
Hauser Ernest Regular  N/A
Hays Karen Adjunct 06 13
He Ping Regular  N/A
Heckman Charles Adjunct 06 14
Heft Harry Adjunct 06 16
Helms Ronald Regular  N/A
Helpp Raymond Adjunct 06 12
Henderson Phyllis Regular  N/A
Hennessy Michael Regular  N/A
Herbert Laura Adjunct 06 13
Herchline Thomas Regular N/A
Herms Daniel Adjunct 06 15
Herringer Carol Regular N/A
Hertzler Marie  Regular N/A
Hess Deborah Associate 06 14
Higgins Steven Regular  N/A
Hilliard Caroline Regular N/A
Hinds Stephanie Adjunct 06 12
Hitzler Pascal Regular N/A
Ho Lop-Fat Regular  N/A
Hochstein Dave Regular N/A
Hoffman Andrea Regular N/A
Hoggan Chad Associate 06 15
Hoke John Adjunct 06 13
Holland Cindra Associate 06 15
Honavar Vasant Adjunct 06 13
Hong Lang Regular  N/A
Hopkins Barbara Regular  N/A
Hopkins Donald Adjunct 06 14
Hostetler Heather Regular N/A
Howard  Lillie Regular  N/A
Hsu Andrew Regular N/A
Huang Chaocheng Regular  N/A
Huang George Regular  N/A
Huang Hong Regular  N/A
Huang Qingbo Regular  N/A
Hudak David Adjunct 06 15
Huebner Karla Regular N/A
Hull Barbara Regular  N/A
Hundley Stacey Adjunct 06 13
Hunt Allen Regular  N/A
Hussain Rashida Associate 06 14
Hussain Saber Regular N/A

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