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Table of Concents
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Graduate Faculty


Last Name First Name Grad Faculty Status Status Expiration Date
Cai Shengrong Regular N/A
Cameron Jacob Associate 06 13
Campbell Jacob Adjunct 06 15
Campbell Jason Adjunct 06 15
Campbell-Ruggaard Julie Adjunct 06 12
Cao Caroline Regular N/A
Carlsen Roger Regular N/A
Caron Linda Regular  N/A
Carrafiello Susan Regular  N/A
Caruso Joseph Adjunct 06 16
Cauley Katherine Associate 06 12
Cebulash Glen Regular N/A
Chaffee Christopher Regular N/A
Chakravarthy Vasu Adjunct 06 15
Chamberlain Ava Regular  N/A
Chandler Elena-Maria Associate 06 12
Chaney Robert Adjunct 06 14
Chapman Vicki Lou Adjunct 06 14
Cauley Katherine Regular N/A
Chen Chien-In Henry Regular  N/A
Chen Keke Regular N/A
Chen Shia-Chung Adjunct 06 17
Chen Yanfang Regular N/A
Chen Yu Qing Regular  N/A
Cheng Songlin Regular  N/A
Cherukuri Balakrishna Adjunct 06 14
Cherrington Candace Regular  N/A
Chinov Stefan Regular N/A
Choh Audrey Regular  N/A
Choudhury Enamul Regular  N/A
Christensen James Adjunct 06 17
Chu Kuan-Lun Regular  N/A
Chumlea William Regular  N/A
Chung Soon M. Regular  N/A
Church Judith Adjunct 06 13
Ciampaglio Charles Regular  N/A
Ciarallo Frank Regular  N/A
Cipollini Donald Regular  N/A
Cipriano-Risner Michelle Associate 06 12
Claflin Dragana Regular  N/A
Clark Jerry Regular  N/A
Clark Matthew Adjunct 06 17
Clasen Carla Associate 06 16
Clauer Allan Adjunct 06 13
Clements William Adjunct 06 13
Cline John "Chris" Adjunct 06 16
Cloud David Adjunct 06 12
Coconis Michel  Regular N/A
Cole Donna J. Regular  N/A
Coleman Joseph Regular  N/A
Colle Herbert Regular  N/A
Jacqueline Associate 06 14
Collins Drew Regular N/A
Conley Cheryl Associate 06 14
Cook Gary Adjunct 06 16
Cooksey-James Tawna Associate 06 13
Cool David Regular  N/A
Cooney Adam Adjunct 06 17
Cooper Jo Ann Adjunct 06 12
Cope Timothy Regular  N/A
Corbett Adrian Regular  N/A
Corvo Antonio Adjunct 06 17
Costa Carlors Regular N/A
Coutu, Jr Ronald Adjunct 06 17
Cox D. Franklin Regular N/A
Creech Gregory Adjunct 06 14
Crespo Antonio Adjunct 06 14
Crites Gerald Associate 06 12
Crusan Deborah Regular  N/A
Cubberley Mark Regular N/A
Culp Joseph Adjunct 06 13
Curry Donna Regular  N/A
Cusack Michael Adjunct 06 16
Czachor John Associate 06 12
Czerwinski Stefan Associate 06 13

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