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Wright State University

Graduate Program Officers

School of Graduate Studies

Andrew Hsu, Dean
R. William Ayres, Assistant Dean
Amy D. Johnson, Associate Director of Graduate Admissions and Assistantship Processing
Jason E. Champagne, Associate Director of Graduate Recruitment
Lisa Lewandowski, Assistant Director of Graduate Graduation Services

Raj Soin College of Business

Berkwood M. Farmer, Dean
Todd Dewett, Assistant Dean for M.B.A and Executive Programs
Michael R. Evans, Director of M.B.A. Programs
James Greenspan, Director of Master of Accountancy Program
Leonard J. Kloft, Director of M.S. in Social and Applied Economics Program
James Hamister, Director of M.S. in Logistics & Supply Chain Management
Arijit Sengupta, Director of Master of Information Systems Programs

James Greenspan, Chair

Thomas Traynor, Chair

Finance and Financial Services
Marlena Akhbari, Chair

Bud Baker, Chair

Information Systems & Operations Management
Dwight Smith-Daniels, Chair

James M. Munch, Chair

College of Education and Human Services

Charlotte Harris, Dean
Donna Hanby, Assistant Dean for Administration
Kevin G. Watson, Business Manager
Charles W. Ryan, Director of Graduate Programs

Department of Educational Leadership
Jill Lindsey, Chair
Licensure Advisor for Advanced Programs in Educational Leadership
Thomas Diamantes

Workforce Education
Stephanie Davis

Licensure Advisor for Library/Media
Susan Berg

Licensure Advisor for Computer/Technology
Roger N. Carlsen

Student Affairs in Higher Education-Administration
Charles W. Ryan

Teacher Leader
Grant Hambright

Department of Human Services
Stephen B. Fortson, Chair
Business and Organizational Management Counseling
Eileen F. Self

Community Counseling
Mary Ann Jones

Counseling Exceptional Children
Diane E. Frey

Marriage and Family Counseling
Stephen B. Fortson

Mental Health Counseling
Donna M. Tromski-Klingshirn and Rick Wantz

School Counseling
Phyllis A. Henderson

Rehabilitation Counseling-Chemical Dependency
Joseph E. Keferl

Rehabilitation Counseling-Severely Disabled
Jan La Forge

Department of Teacher Education
Colleen Finegan, Chair
Early Childhood
Deborah Hess

Middle Childhood
Linda Ramey

Adolescent Young Adult
Varies by area

Intervention Specialist
Varies by area

Classroom Teacher
Varies by Area

Department of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation
D. Drew Pringle, Chair

College of Engineering and Computer Science

S. Narayanan, Dean
Thomas L. Bazzoli, Assistant Dean for Fiscal Affairs
P. Ruby Mawasha, Assistant Dean and Director of Wright STEPP

Computer Science and Engineering
Mateen Rizki, Chair

Biomedical, Industrial, and Human Factors Engineering
Thomas Hangartner, Interim Chair

Electrical Engineering
Kefu Xue, Chair

Mechanical and Materials Engineering
George P.G. Huang, Chair

College of Liberal Arts
Charles S. Taylor, Dean
Dr. Linda Caron, Associate Dean

Applied Behavioral Science: Criminal Justice and Social Problems
Karen Lahm, Director

English Language and Literatures
Barry Milligan, Director

Carol Herringer, Chair

Ava Chamberlain, Director

International and Comparative Politics
Laura Luehrmann, Director

Christopher Chaffee, Director

Urban Affairs and Geography
Jerri Killian, Director

School of Medicine

Howard M. Part, Dean
Paul G. Carlson, Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Admission

Aerospace Medicine
Robin E. Dodge, Director

Pharmacology and Toxicology
Terry Oroszi, Director

Master of Public Health
James Ebert, Director

College of Nursing and Health

Patricia A. Martin, Dean
Carol A. Holdcraft, Assistant Dean

School of Professional Psychology

Larry James, Dean
Kathleen Glaus, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
LaPearl Logan Winfrey, Associate Dean for Clinical Training Programs and Psychological Services

College of Science and Mathematics
Dan Voss, Interim Dean
Joyce Howes, Assistant Dean
Jacqueline Neal, Pre-Med Advisor

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Steven J. Berberrich, Interim Chair

Biological Sciences
David L. Goldstein, Chair

Kenneth Turnbull, Chair

Earth and Environmental Sciences
David Dominic, Interim Chair

Interdisciplinary Science and Mathematics
Ann Farrell, Director

Mathematics and Statistics
Weifu Fang, Chair

Neuroscience, Cell Biology, and Physiology
Timothy Cope, Chair

Lok Lew Yan Voon, Chair

John Flach, Chair

Other Graduate Programs

Biomedical Sciences Ph.D. Program
Gerald M. Alter, Director

Computer Science and Engineering Ph.D. Program
Arthur Goshtasby, Director

Engineering Ph.D. Program
Ramana Grandhi, Director

Environmental Sciences, Ph.D. Program
Don Cipollini, Jr., Interim Director

Human Factors and Industrial/Organizational Psychology Ph.D. Program
Scott Watamaniuk, Director

Selected Graduate Studies
Andrew Hsu, Director

School of Graduate Studies
E344 Student Union
Voice: (937) 775-2976
Fax: (937) 775-2453
E-mail: wsugrad@wright.edu
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