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Table of Concents
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Graduate Faculty


Last Name First Name Grad Faculty Status Status Expiration Date
Ladle David Full  N/A
Laforge Jan Full  N/A
Laforse Bruce Associate 06 11
Lahm Karen Full N/A
Lahuis David Full  N/A
Lamkin Thomas Adjunct Full 06 15
Lamping Sally Associate 06 12
Langlois Marietta Associate 06 13
Laperle Carol  Associate 06 13
Larkins James Full  N/A
Larkowski Charles Full  N/A
Larsen James Full  N/A
Laughlin Richard Associate 06 12
Leclair Steven Full  N/A
Lee Miryoung Full  N/A
Lee Yi-Hui Associate 06 12
Leffak Ira Full  N/A
Lehrer Douglas Full  N/A
Leiweke Robert Adjunct Associate 06 11
Lentz Linda Adjunct Associate 06 12
Leonhardt Stephanie Adjunct Associate 06 10
Leung Jackson Full  N/A
Levy Marc Adjunct Associate 06 11
Lew Yan Voon Lok Full  N/A
Lewis Jeffrey Associate 06 15
Lieh Junghsen Full  N/A
Light  Mark Adjunct Associate 06 10
Limouze Henry Full  N/A
Lindsey Jill Full  N/A
Link Joseph Adjunct Associate 06 10
Liu Guoqi Adjunct Full 06 12
Liu Meilin Full  N/A
Liu Xiaoyu Associate 06 12
Liu Yan Full  N/A
Lloyd Charles Adjunct Full 06 10
Lockhart Paul Full  N/A
Lockwood Thomas Full  N/A
Loecke Terry Adjunct Associate 06 13
Loi Phan Full  N/A
Long Anthony Adjunct Associate 06 11 
Longley-Cook Tracy Associate 06 13
Look David Adjunct Associate 06 10
Lopez Osvaldo Full  N/A
Loranger Carol Full  N/A
Loranger Dennis Associate 06 14
Lorson Kevin Associate 06 11
Lowrey Kenneth Associate 06 13
Lucot James Full  N/A
Luehrmann Laura Full  N/A
Lum Joshua Adjunct Associate 06 12
Lunsford Suzanne Full  N/A
Luttmer Joan Adjunct Associate 06 10
Lyons Joseph Adjunct Associate 06 10

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