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Table of Concents
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Graduate Faculty


Last Name First Name Grad Faculty Status Status Expiration Date
Abbot D. Kilpatrick Adjunct Full 06 13
Abrahamowicz Dan Adjunct Associate 06 11
Adams Sandra Adjunct Associate 06 10
Adams Steven Adjunct Associate 06 12
Adragna Norma Full  N/A
Aga Rachel Full  N/A
Agiro Christa Associate 06 14
Agrawal Abinash Full  N/A
Ainina M. Fall Full  N/A
Ajami Riad Full  N/A
Aker Crystal Adjunct Associate 06 12
Akhbari Marlena Associate 06 14
Albery William B. Full  N/A
Allen Brady Associate 06 11
Allen Jeffrey Full  N/A
Allen Richard Adjunct Associate 06 11
Allen-Wilder Melissa Adjunct Associate 06 12
Alter Gerald Full  N/A
Alvarez Dorothy Associate 06 12
Alvarez Francisco Full  N/A
Alvarez-Leefmans Francisco Javier Full  N/A
Amer Maher Full  N/A
Amon James Full  N/A
Anderson Larry Adjunct Associate 06 11
Anderson Liam Full  N/A
Anstadt Mark Full  N/A
Arasu K T Full  N/A
Arlian Larry Full  N/A
Arment Anthony Adjunct Full 06 13
Arndts Patsy Jo Adjunct Associate 06 10
Athanas Peter Adjunct Full 06 13
Aubin Cheryl Adjunct Associate 06 13
Augustus Linda Adjunct Associate 06 11
Ayyadurai Mary Adjunct Full 06 14

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